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Rialto Police Department
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Agency overview
FormedNovember 17, 1911
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionRialto, California, USA
Size28 square miles (73 km2)
Population101,910 (2013)
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Rialto, California
Police Officers 103
Agency executive
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The Rialto Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency in Rialto, in San Bernardino County, California. It offers services including patrol, K-9 unit and school resource officers. It was founded on November 17, 1911.



In 2005, police chief Michael Meyers resigned [1] after members of the police union had taken a vote of no-confidence in him and his deputy, Arthur Burgess. [2]

The department was almost disbanded in early 2007 when the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department was asked to provide a contract for police services. [3]

In 2010, an employee of the Spearmint Rhino gentlemen's club filed a claim for $500,000 against the city of Rialto alleging that Rialto police officers had, while on-duty and off-duty, engaged in sexual relations with strip club employees at the Rialto Police Union hall. [4] The suit alleged that at times group sex between Rialto cops and Spearmint Rhino employees occurred at the union hall. [4] The plaintiff alleged that she was physically and verbally harassed by a former Rialto police officer when she learned that he had impregnated her. [4] Two officers resigned from the department in the wake of the scandal [5]

In 2011, Rialto police shot and killed a man who had been charging them with a brick. [6] Also in 2011, a Rialto policeman was indicted on federal bribery charges for accepting a $2500 bribe. [7] He was charged along with an Orange County lawyer for falsely claiming that a witness had "provided substantial assistance" to the DEA. [7]

In May 2012, a police officer was charged for engaging in sex with an underage female. [8]

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Gayola was a type of bribe used by American police departments against gay bars in the post-war era. Liquor laws prevented bars from knowingly selling alcoholic beverages to gay patrons, so police departments commonly demanded payoffs from gay bar owners as a way to prevent shutdowns and raids.


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