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Live at Nextdoor, Honolulu, HI, 2 February 2008 Robert Bucket Hingley Honolulu 2008-02-02.jpg
Live at Nextdoor, Honolulu, HI, 2 February 2008

Robert "Bucket" Hingley is lead singer and guitarist for the ska band the Toasters. [1]


Early life

Robert Hingley was born in Weymouth, Dorset in the United Kingdom in 1955. His family relocated regularly due to his father's career in the British Army and as such Hingley spent much of his early life abroad living in Germany, Cyprus, Kenya, Singapore and France. His roots are largely in Devonshire, hailing from a long line of Huxtables on his mother's side. His great grandfather, Charles, was one of the last of the great Appledore shipwrights. Charlie Huxtable's brother Richard was technical advisor to the clinker-built replicas of the Golden Hind (Sir Francis Drake) and the Mayflower. His great great uncle, Captain Oates, was a member of the ill-fated Scott 1912 expedition to the South Pole.


Due to his father's military commitments Hingley attended Drake's Mead boarding school and Tavistock Comprehensive in the United Kingdom before entering the University of York in 1974. He graduated with an honours degree in Linguistics from the universities of York and Strasbourg (France) in 1978 speaking six languages

Music career

Hingley emigrated to the United States in the late 1970s to manage the Forbidden Planet comic shop in New York City before forming The Toasters in 1981. After failing to convince American labels on the viability of ska music in terms of a domestic record deal, he founded Moon Ska Records, an independent ska record label, in 1983. The label went on to become the benchmark of the genre for fifteen years before folding in 2000. The label pressed more than 1,500,000 copies of releases by many notable ska bands. In 2003 he founded Megalith Records. Hingley continues to tour and record with The Toasters, and is the only original member of the group.

Aside from being active in The Toasters and Megalith Records, he also runs Cubo Consulting, a consulting business to the entertainment industry which specializes in tour production and resourcing. The business predominantly deals with American bands in Europe but also handles clients such as the John Lennon Foundation.

Hingley lives in Valencia, Spain with his wife and daughters. Rob's son attended the University of Kent in the United Kingdom.

Hingley uses a Fender Telecaster, a Reverend Eastsider T, and a Reverend Club King 290. In the early days of The Toasters, Hingley also used a Fender Stratocaster. Hingley uses a Fender Twin Reverb as his primary amp.

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Moon Ska World, formerly known as Moon Ska Europe, is a ska record label based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1998 as the European sister label of the defunct American label Moon Ska Records, which was owned by Robert "Bucket" Hingley of The Toasters. Moon Ska World is a licensed affiliate run by Lol Pryor, the former Dojo Records and Link Records head. Due to illnesses in both Pryor and the other principal owner, Sonia "Red" Bailey, as well as deaths in their families, the label was put on hold until 2006, when Pryor changed its name to Moon Ska World and began running the label on his own.

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<i>Thrill Me Up</i> 1988 studio album by The Toasters

Thrill Me Up was the second full-length album by The Toasters. The album was written by Robert "Bucket" Hingley and Cavo Dinsmore. The album was not as successful as their first album, Skaboom.

<i>Enemy of the System</i> 2002 studio album by The Toasters

Enemy of the System is the eighth studio album from the ska band The Toasters released in 2002. The album was the first Toasters release on Megalith Records and it was released 5 years after Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down, due to the demise of ska label Moon Ska and, also, the decrease of third wave ska's mainstream popularity that saw the disappearance of a lot of ska bands some years before.

Stephen Jackson is a musician from Washington D.C. Most notably he is a founding member, singer and songwriter for the Washington D.C. based band The Pietasters and the record labels Slug Tone! and Indication Records.

The Skunks were a third wave ska band formed in 1988 by a group of high school friends from suburban Maryland. They recorded three albums, performed extensively in the Washington, DC/Baltimore, Maryland area, and toured the United States.


Skasucks is a prominent ska punk band based in Seoul, South Korea. They are heavily influenced by ska-punk as well as 2 tone. Formed in 2006, they opened for The Slackers in 2007 and the Chris Murray Combo in 2008. They are known for their lively stage presence. Their lead vocalist Ryu, who also works as a tattoo artist, has become a prominent organiser of the Korean punk music scene. After the lead singers of Rux and Suck Stuff stepped down, Ryu took over Korean operations for the annual Korea/Japan Punk Festival. Ryu also runs the live music venue Club SHARP and tattoo parlour SHARP INK in the same building.


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