Thrill Me Up

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Thrill Me Up
Studio album by The Toasters
Released 1988
CD: January 1, 1996
Genre Ska
Label Skaloid (original)
Moon Ska Records (1996 re-release)
The Toasters chronology
Thrill Me Up
This Gun for Hire
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Thrill Me Up was the second full-length album by The Toasters. The album was written by Robert "Bucket" Hingley and Cavo Dinsmore. The album was not as successful as their first album, Skaboom.

The Toasters band that plays punk rock

The Toasters are one of the original American second wave of ska bands. Founded in New York City in 1981, the band has released nine studio albums, primarily through Moon Ska Records.

Robert "Bucket" Hingley Pioneering Ska musician

Robert "Bucket" Hingley is lead singer and guitarist for the ska band the Toasters.

<i>Skaboom</i> album by The Toasters

Skaboom! is an album released by The Toasters originally in 1987 and re-released on a CD in June of 1995. The 1995 released featured an additional eight bonus tracks. The album is often stated as being the origin of modern, or "third-wave" ska in the United States.

Thrill Me Up was originally made in 1988, but in 1996 The Toasters re-released it on the Celluloid record label. Celluloid folded shortly after the release, but Rob Hingly reissued the album on his own record label, Moon Ska Records.

Moon Ska Records was one of the most influential ska record labels of the 1980s and 1990s.

Track listing

  1. Go Girl 3:26
  2. Don't Blame Me 3:31
  3. Haitian Frustration 3:46
  4. Decision at Midnight 3:39
  5. Frankenska 2:50
  6. Thrill Me Up 3:03
  7. Ska Killers 3:08
  8. Johnny Go Ska 3:02
  9. Keep on Going 3:21
  10. Rhapsody in Bluebeat 1:57
  11. Haitian Frustration 3:49
  12. Brixton Beat 3:23
  13. The Beat 4:16
  14. No Respect 3:26

Tracks 11-14 were not included on the original 1988 release

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Moon Ska World, formerly known as Moon Ska Europe, is a ska record label based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1998 as the European sister label of the defunct American label Moon Ska Records, which was owned by Robert "Bucket" Hingley of The Toasters. Moon Ska World is a licensed affiliate run by Lol Pryor, the former Dojo Records and Link Records head. Due to illnesses in both Pryor and the other principal owner, Sonia "Red" Bailey, as well as deaths in their families, the label was put on hold until 2006, when Pryor changed its name to Moon Ska World and began running the label on his own.

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Megalith Records

Megalith Records is a ska record label founded on August 22, 2002 and located in Norman, Oklahoma. It is owned by Robert "Bucket" Hingley of The Toasters and the defunct label Moon Ska Records, and managed by Jeremy Patton, current webmaster and graphic artist for the Toasters. Manufacturing duties are carried out by Brett of AtoZ Media Services, a CD pressing plant company based in New York City.

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