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Studio album by The Toasters
Released Original: 1987 (1987)
CD: June 20, 1995
Genre Ska


63:54 (Re-release)
Label Celluloid (original)
Moon Ska Records (1995 re-release)
Megalith Records (2003 re-release)
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Skaboom! is an album released by The Toasters originally in 1987 and re-released on a CD in June of 1995. The 1995 released featured an additional eight bonus tracks. The album is often stated as being the origin of modern, or "third-wave" ska in the United States.

The Toasters band that plays punk rock

The Toasters are one of the original American second wave of ska bands. Founded in New York City in 1981, the band has released nine studio albums, primarily through Moon Ska Records.

This is a list of notable events in music that took place in the year 1987.

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Track listing

  1. "Talk Is Cheap" -3:50
  2. "Pool Shark" -3:47
  3. "Weekend in L.A." -4:22
  4. "Shocker!" -4:31
  5. "Toast on the Coast" -2:11
  6. "Manipulator" -3:30
  7. "Mr. Trouble" -3:24
  8. "ABC's" 2:54
  9. "East Side Beat" -3:45
  10. "Now or Never" -3:19
  11. "So Long, Buck" -1:16
Reissue Bonus Tracks
  1. "Renee" -4:07
  2. "Matt Davis" -2:45
  3. "Ideal Man" -3:22
  4. "Naked City" -3:14
    • Tracks 12-15 from the 1987 UK-only album release Pool Shark
  5. "Recrimination" -3:15
  6. "Razor Cut" -3:37
  7. "Run Rudy Run" -4:14
  8. "Radiation Skank" -2:07
    • Tracks 16-19 from the EP Recriminiations, recorded May 1985 & Produced by Joe Jackson (aka Stanley Turpentine)
Megalith Records re-release of Skaboom!. SkaboomAltCover.jpg
Megalith Records re-release of Skaboom!.

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