Roger Wilson (actor)

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Roger W. Wilson
Born (1956-10-08) October 8, 1956 (age 64)
  • Real estate developer
  • singer
  • former actor
Spouse(s) Shaun Casey (1978–1983)

Roger W. Wilson (born October 8, 1956) is an American actor. He played as Mickey In "Porky's" and "Porky's 2: The Next Day"



Wilson appeared in the first two Porky's movies as well as Thunder Alley and the TV series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. [1]

Wilson wrote screenplays for producers including Steve Tisch, Penny Marshall, and Sharon Stone.[ citation needed ] and briefly taught screenwriting classes in New York City in the mid-2000s.[ citation needed ]

Wilson was the lead singer in the New York-based band Num in the 1990s.[ citation needed ]

Wilson was also a member of the New York-based band Born Again Baldwins from mid-2008 until the end of 2009.

Early life and education

He attended Woodberry Forest School and graduated in 1975 with Marvin Bush, brother of former President George W. Bush. [1] Both of his parents died young and Roger inherited a considerable estate as a teenager.[ citation needed ]

Personal life

Wilson was married to Estée Lauder model Shaun Casey from 1978 to 1983. [1]

After his divorce, he became supermodel Christy Turlington's first serious boyfriend at age 18.[ citation needed ] They dated from 1987 to 1993.[ citation needed ] Turlington told Cosmopolitan magazine and Dennis Miller, when he had a brief, late-night talk show, that she and Wilson were married.[ citation needed ] However, it was a spiritual, and not a legal ceremony.[ citation needed ] Wilson is the one who introduced Turlington to yoga and she moved to California briefly to live with him. Turlington had his initials and a rose tattooed on her ankle, which she later removed.[ citation needed ] Turlington and Wilson broke up in 1993 and she began to date actor Christian Slater for a few weeks.[ citation needed ]

Wilson later dated Elizabeth Berkley, best known from TV show Saved by the Bell , in the late 1990s. In 2000 Wilson filed a $40 million lawsuit against fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio, claiming that DiCaprio encouraged his friends to physically assault Wilson after an argument relating to Berkley. Wilson claimed his larynx was badly damaged. DiCaprio was alleged to have pursued Berkley whilst she was in a relationship with Wilson and Wilson confronted DiCaprio over the accusation. [1] [2]

In 2009, Page Six reported that he was working as a bartender in New York. [3] . In 2018, he founded the club 7908 in Aspen. [4]

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