Sarah Blackwood

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Sarah Blackwood
Sarah Blackwood from Dubstar, 2010
Background information
Also known asClient B (in Client)
Born (1971-05-06) 6 May 1971 (age 48),
Halifax, England [1]
Genres Dream pop
Years active1990present
Labels Food Records, Toast Hawaii, Mute, EMI
Associated acts Dubstar, Client

Sarah Blackwood (born 6 May 1971, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England) is an English recording artist. She came to prominence as the lead singer of Dubstar, and as Client B in Client.



Blackwood attended a local school, and went to Newcastle University to study interior design. [2] She lived in Manchester when operating exclusively within Dubstar, but lives and works in London as of 2015. [2]

In Dubstar

Formerly known as The Joans, Dubstar were initially a two-piece band, with Chris Wilkie playing guitar and Steve Hillier singing and playing keyboards. Sarah Blackwood was invited to join the band in August 1993. Blackwood replaced Hillier on vocals in early 1994, though Hillier remained a key member of the group.

The band released three albums with Blackwood on vocals: Disgraceful (1995), Goodbye (1997) and Make It Better (2000). A compilation, Stars: The Best of Dubstar was released in 2004. "Stars" remains the best known single from the band.

Blackwood moved on to other projects but kept in touch with Dubstar members as her debut solo EP in 2008 called Acoustic at the Club Bar & Dining features Wilkie on guitar. [3]

In Client

Client performing at Kulturfabrik Krefeld in Germany on 17 September 2005. Sarah Blackwood (left), Kate Holmes (right) Client 2005 Kulturfabrik Krefeld.JPG
Client performing at Kulturfabrik Krefeld in Germany on 17 September 2005. Sarah Blackwood (left), Kate Holmes (right)

Blackwood joined the band Technique to replace Xan Tyler as singer for a European tour with Depeche Mode in 2002. Shortly afterwards, Kate Holmes, the other member of the band, and Blackwood decided to write together and formed the new group Client. She used the stage name Client B since the band preferred not to highlight the names of its members, rather identifying each as "Client" plus a letter from the alphabet. [4]



in Dubstar
in Client

(Sarah Blackwood credited as Client B)


in Dubstar
as Client B


(For details of singles, refer to tables in the discography sections in article of Dubstar and of Client)

Solo singles

Guest Vocals

Volbeat "Lonesome Rider"

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