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tAAt (short for tArzAn tuotanto, Finnish for tArzAn productions) is a Finnish humor-based demogroup founded in 1992 which is active in participating and organizing demoscene events. [1] They are recognized outside of the demoscene for their Dismount series of computer games, including Stair Dismount (Porrasturvat), Truck Dismount (Rekkaturvat) and Dismount Levels. [2] [3] [4]

tAAt also founded a non-profit organization, tAAt ry, in Finland, for the promotion of demoscene culture. [5] tAAt ry has organized such computer competitions as the Text Mode Demo Contest and musitAAtio composing challenge. [6] [7]

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BatMUD is a medieval fantasy MUD, established in 1990. BatMUD is Finland-based and operated and owned by a non-profit organization, Balanced Alternative Techniques ry, officially registered 1994 in Helsinki, Finland.

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Andrew Sega

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Peter Hajba, also known by his demoscene nickname Skaven, is a Finnish electronic musician, video game composer and graphic artist. His most recent project is with Remedy Entertainment as an animator, sound designer and graphic artist. Prior to working with Remedy, Hajba has been credited on games developed by 3D Realms, PopCap Games, Introversion Software Limited, Epic Games, and Housemarque.

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Pilgrimage was a demoparty which took place annually in Salt Lake City, Utah each summer between 2003 and 2006. The event was founded by Rich "Legalize" Thompson of the demoscene group Polygony. Pilgrimage was, at the time, the only active demoscene event of its kind in all of North America, while many demoparties take place annually throughout Europe.

Remedy Entertainment Finnish video game developer

Remedy Entertainment Oyj is a Finnish video game developer based in Espoo. Notable games the studio has developed include the first two instalments in the Max Payne franchise, Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control. Sam Lake, the writer and face model for Max Payne in the original game, has represented the company on numerous occasions.

Scene.org Demoscene file repository

Scene.org is a non-profit organization, providing the currently largest demoscene file repository. It was founded in 1996 by Jaakko "Mellow-D" Manninen, though originally it existed as ftp.fm.org, an FTP-server for releases from the group Five Musicians. In 1997, it re-opened as Scene.org. After the Hornet Archive closed on September 22, 1998, scene.org became the only prominent demoscene-FTP available and quickly became the host of many other releases as well.

Jesper Kyd Danish composer and sound designer

Jesper Kyd Jakobson is a Danish composer and sound designer who has worked on various video game, television, and film projects. He has composed soundtracks for the Hitman series, Assassin's Creed series, Borderlands series, Darksiders II and State of Decay, among many others. His scores use orchestra, choir, acoustic manipulations and electronic soundscapes.


Hugi is one of the longest lasting, frequently released demoscene and underground disk magazines (diskmag) for IBM-PC.

Alternative Party (demoparty)

Alternative Party is a demoscene and art event in Finland. It was first organized in 1998 in Turku and since 2000 in Helsinki. The event is organized by Alternative Party ry, a non-profit association.

Video gaming in Finland consists of video game industry of 260 active video game developer studios, roughly a dozen professional players and countless enthusiastic amateurs.


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