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Thøger Birkeland (20 March 1922 – 6 April 2011) [1] was a Danish teacher and writer mostly known for his children's books.

Birkeland was born in Kalundborg. The most notable of his works are Saftevandsmordet (The Lemonade Murder) and the stories about Krummerne . Thøger Birkeland received several Danish awards: Ministry of Culture's children book prize (Kulturministeriets Børnebogspris) (1962), Danmarks Skolebibliotekarers Børnebogspris (1980), Den danske boghandlermedhjælperforenings børnebogspris (1981) and together with Bjarne Reuter he received Kommunernes Skolebiblioteks forenings Forfatterpris (1983). [2]

Kalundborg Town in Denmark

Kalundborg is a Danish city with a population of 16,523, the main town of the municipality of the same name and the site of its municipal council. It is situated on the northwestern coast of the largest Danish island, Zealand, on the opposite, eastern side of which lies Copenhagen, 110 km (68 mi) away.

Krummerne, or The Crumbs is a Danish film series about the family Krumborg and particularly the boy 'Krumme'. They are loosely based on Thøger Birkeland's popular children's book series that was filmed for the first time. The Crumbs had theatrical release on October 4, 1991, and despite lukewarm reviews the film was a commercial success with over 850,000 cinema admissions.

The Ministry of Culture's children book prize from Denmark is a prize, which is given in order to honor a special effort for the Danish children's and youth book of high artistic quality. The award can be given either for a single title or for a whole work of an author. Along with the honor follows DKK 30.000, which partially comes from the "tipsmidler" (money from "Danske spil's" gambling, in Denmark a 66,44% of the money of gambling like lottery goes to cultural work and various kind of charity. In 2011 the "tipsmidler" gave a 1,5 billion Danish kroner profit which the government ministries must give to charitable purposes.

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Birkeland may refer to:

Ole LundKirkegaard was a Danish writer of children's literature and youth literature and a teacher. He mainly wrote about the interaction between adult and child. The main character in his books is usually an anti-hero. In 1969 he was awarded with the Danish Ministry of Culture's children book prize (Denmark)

Turid Birkeland Norwegian politician and arts executive

Turid Birkeland was a Norwegian cultural executive and former politician for the Labour Party. She was Minister of Culture in 1996–97. She was an author and also worked in television, including being chief of cultural programming at NRK and a member of the board at Telenor. She also headed the Risør Chamber Music Festival, and was the director of Concerts Norway.

Cecil Bødker is a Danish writer and poet, most known for young adult fiction books about the character "Silas". For her "lasting contribution to children's literature" she received the international Hans Christian Andersen Medal for Writing in 1976.

Vestervig Abbey

Vestervig Abbey, also known as Vestervig Church, was established in about 1059 making it one of Denmark's most ancient religious houses. The abbey is located at Vestervig, Thisted, in extreme northern Jutland.

Benny Andersen Danish songwriter, poet

Benny Andersen was a Danish poet, author, songwriter, composer and pianist. He is often remembered for his collaboration with the singer Povl Dissing; together they released an album with Andersen's poems from the collection Svantes viser. This album and Andersen's book "Svantes viser" from 1972 were included by the Danish Ministry of Culture in the Danish Culture Canon in 2006, in the category "Popular music". Andersen's "Samlede digte" have sold more than 100,000 copies in Denmark.

Werner Knudsen in Ringsted) is a Danish computer scientist, composer and author of both choral music and IT books. He is an IT architect at IBM and used to work at TDC A/S. He lives in Glostrup close to Copenhagen.

Theodgar of Vestervig was a missionary from Thuringia who worked mostly in Jutland in Denmark, where he died and is venerated as a saint.

Bente Clod is a Danish poet and prose writer, "an important author within the realist feminist movement of the 1970s". She is also a children's writer. She received the Ministry of Culture's children book prize (Denmark) in 2002 for her books Englekraft, I vilden sky and Himmelfald. In 2009 she received the Danish Literature Prize for Women.

Events from the year 2011 in Denmark.

Ib Spang Olsen Danish childrens illustrator and writer

Ib Spang Olsen was a Danish writer and illustrator best known to generations of Danes for cartoons and illustrations, many of which appeared in children's publications. Those include a series of nursery rhyme books written by Halfdan Rasmussen, including "Halfdans ABC". He also wrote his own children's books, such as the whimsical tale of the seasons, The Marsh Crone's Brew. Olsen drew for newspapers, magazines, books, posters, television, and comics. For his lasting contribution as a children's illustrator Olsen received the international Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1972.

Rakel Helmsdal Faroese writer

Rakel Helmsdal is a Faroese writer. Her mother is the Faroese poet Guðrið Helmsdal. Rakel was born in Tårnby, Amager, Denmark, but has lived in Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands for most of her life. She lived for five years in France, where she wrote four of her books. She has taught creative writing and drama, and has also been involved in youth theatre.

The Nordic Children's Book Prize is a children's literary prize which was establishished in 1985 by the Nordic Association of School Librarians. The winners receive an amount of money and a diploma.


Mølleparken is a park in the city of Aarhus located in Midtbyen. Mølleparken was constructed in 1926 where the, by then obsolete, mills of the city had been situated by the river since 1289. Today the park lies by the Aarhus River and the ARoS Art Museum and functions as a section of a pedestrian arterial from ARoS to the Latin Quarter.

Irene Hedlund is a Danish book illustrator and children's writer. Since 1981 she has illustrated books by popular Danish authors such as Thøger Birkeland and Klaus Rifbjerg. In addition to writing and illustrating her own books, she has designed signs and posters for LEGO, the Danish Bibliographic Centre and the Danish Road Safety Council.

Thøger Binneballe was a Danish architect and master builder active in Norway.

Hvidovre Church Church in Denmark, Denmark

Hvidovre Church, located just west of Hvidovre Torv in Hvidovre, is one of the oldest churches in the Greater Copenhagen area and the oldest building in Hvidovre Municipality.


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