The Black Heart Procession

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The Black Heart Procession
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Background information
Origin San Diego, California, United States
Genres Indie rock
Years active1997–2013, 2016–present
Labels Headhunter Records, Temporary Residence Ltd., Touch and Go Records
Associated acts The Album Leaf, Cold War Kids, Modest Mouse, Rocket From The Crypt, Three Mile Pilot, Ugly Casanova
Members Pall Jenkins, Tobias Nathaniel

The Black Heart Procession (occasionally spelled The Blackheart Procession) is an American indie rock band from San Diego, California.



The band was formed in 1997 by Pall Jenkins (Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects, Palllap, Ugly Casanova and Three Mile Pilot) and Tobias Nathaniel (Three Mile Pilot). The group is often augmented by the contributions of Matt Resovich, Mario Rubalcaba, Jason Crane, Joe Plummer, Dmitri Dziensuwski, Jimmy LaValle and Matthew Parker. [1] Jenkins has also produced The Drowning Men.

The band released the Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit EP in 2010. Pitchfork praised the two new tracks but felt the band had not expanded creatively since their album The Spell. [2]

In 2011, Jenkins played optigan, piano and sang on J Mascis's album Several Shades of Why . [3]

In June 2013, San Diego City Beat revealed the band was on hiatus. Jenkins said "After years of touring and traveling and focusing on music, we decided just to kind of put an end to it for a while". [4]

In 2014, Jenkins played guitar and sang on J Mascis's album Tied to a Star . [5]

In 2016, the band reformed for two shows. [6] In December of that year, they announced a European tour, with 27 shows all around the continent during March–April 2017. [7]


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