The Cup of Fury (film)

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The Cup of Fury
The Cup of Fury by T Hayes Hunter 2 Film Daily 1920.png
Directed by T. Hayes Hunter
Written by Richard Schayer
Based onThe Cup of Fury
by Rupert Hughes
Starring Helene Chadwick
Rockliffe Fellowes
Frank Leigh
Cinematography Abe Scholtz
Eminent Authors Pictures
Distributed by Goldwyn Pictures Corporation
Release date
  • January 1920 (1920-01)
Running time
50 minutes
CountryUnited States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

The Cup of Fury is a 1920 American silent drama film directed by T. Hayes Hunter and starring Helene Chadwick, Rockliffe Fellowes, and Frank Leigh. [1]



As described in a film magazine, [2] Davidge (Fellowes), while on business in London for the United States government, attends a dinner given by wealthy Germans, Sir Joseph Webling (Standing) and his wife Lady Webling (Lester). He meets their adopted daughter Marie (Chadwick) and recalls having seen her before in America, where she was billed as "Mamsie" in a vaudeville act. That evening Scotland Yard's secret service men raid the Weblings and their daughter, whereupon she confesses that she is an American and is allowed to return to the United States. The Weblings take poison and die before the detectives can prevent it. Mamsie obtains employment in a ship builder's office under Davidge. The secret launching of a ship is innocently disclosed by Mamsie to her brother-in-law, a confessed member of the Industrial Workers of the World, who in turn advises a German spy. The ship is destroyed off Cape Charles by a German U-boat. Mamsie then proposes to run down the criminals and, while employed as a "passer boy," unearths a scheme to blow up the dockyards. She notifies Davidge and he comes to her assistance, throws the criminals into the ocean, and saves the dockyards.


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