The Golden Plague (1921 film)

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The Golden Plague
Directed by Louis Ralph
Richard Oswald
Produced byRichard Oswald
Written by Øvre Richter Frich (novel)
Paul Merzbach
Starring Louis Ralph
Anita Berber
Paul Bildt
Cinematography Willy Goldberger
Distributed by National Film
Release date
18 November 1921
German intertitles

The Golden Plague (German: Die goldene Pest) is a 1921 German silent thriller film directed by Louis Ralph and Richard Oswald and starring Louis Ralph, Anita Berber and Paul Bildt. An anarchist attempts to use a formula for artificial gold as part of a plan to flood the world market, causing an international crisis. [1]


The film's sets were designed by the art director Botho Hoefer and István Szirontai Lhotka.


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