The Monk (1969 film)

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The Monk
Written by Tony Barrett
Story by Blake Edwards
Directed by George McCowan
Starring George Maharis
Janet Leigh
Jack Albertson
Carl Betz
Music by Earle Hagen
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
Executive producers Aaron Spelling
Danny Thomas
ProducerTony Barrett
CinematographyFleet Southcott
Editor Jerry Jameson
Running time74 minutes
Production company Thomas-Spelling Productions
Original network ABC
Original releaseOctober 21, 1969 (1969-10-21)

The Monk is a 1969 American made-for-television crime thriller film starring George Maharis, Janet Leigh, Jack Albertson and Carl Betz. Originally filmed as a television pilot, [1] it premiered as the ABC Movie of the Week on October 21, 1969. [2] It was directed by George McCowan in his film debut in a project developed by Blake Edwards that had been offered to George Mahrais three years previously.



Underworld attorney Leo Barnes hires Gus Monk to safeguard a valuable envelope containing information on a mobster. Monk refuses — until he meets Mrs. Barnes and jumps on a merry-go-round of viciousness and murder.

Main cast

George Maharis Gus Monk
Janet Leigh Janice Barnes
Jack Albertson Tinker
William SmathersLeo Barnes
Rick Jason Wideman
Raymond St. Jacques Heritage
Carl Betz Gouzenko
Jack Soo Hip Guy


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