The Power of the Whistler

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The Power of the Whistler
Power of the whistler poster small.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Lew Landers
Screenplay by Aubrey Wisberg
Based on The Whistler
1942-55 radio series
by J. Donald Wilson
Produced byLeonard S. Picker
Starring Richard Dix
Janis Carter
Narrated byOtto Forrest
Cinematography L. William O'Connell
Edited by Reg Browne
Larry Darmour Productions
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
  • April 19, 1945 (1945-04-19)(United States)
Running time
66 minutes
CountryUnited States

The Power of the Whistler is a 1945 film noir thriller film based on the radio drama The Whistler . Directed by Lew Landers, the production features Richard Dix. It is the third of Columbia Pictures' eight "Whistler" films produced in the 1940s, seven starring Dix.



Dix plays an amnesiac who learns about his name and past through the help of amateur fortune teller Jean Lang (Janis Carter).

The fortune teller sees the mysterious-looking man when she is in a restaurant with her sister and the sister's boyfriend. Without meeting him, she predicts that he will be near death twice in the coming day. Outside the restaurant, she saves him from being struck by a car. It is then that he realizes he has no memory of his past.

Charmed by his pleasant, cultured manner, she resolves to help him uncover the mystery of his life. She continues to do so, even as she encounters signs that they may find something scary.



Critic Leonard Maltin said of the film, "Third Whistler entry is a little padded but still genuinely eerie." [1]

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