The Secret of Monte Cristo

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The Secret of Monte Cristo
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Directed by Albert Valentin
Written by Pierre Laroche
Denis Marion
Léon Treich
Produced by Claude Dolbert
Starring Pierre Brasseur
Georges Vitray
Pierre Larquey
Cinematography Robert Batton
Music by Marcel Landowski
Codo Cinéma
Distributed byLes Distributeurs Internationeaux de Films
Release date
17 September 1948
Running time
85 minutes
Language French

The Secret of Monte Cristo (French: Le secret de Monte-Cristo) is a 1948 French historical drama film directed by Albert Valentin and starring Pierre Brasseur, Georges Vitray and Pierre Larquey. [1] The film is based on the purported real story behind the Alexandre Dumas novel The Count of Monte Cristo .



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