The Silver Darlings

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The Silver Darlings
Directed by Clarence Elder
Written byClarence Elder
Based onthe novel by Neil M Gunn
Starring Clifford Evans
Helen Shingler
Cinematography Francis Carver
Edited byMax Brenner [1]
Music by Clifton Parker
Release date
  • 3 September 1947 (1947-09-03)
Running time
84 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
Language English
Box office£104,804 (UK) [3]

The Silver Darlings is a 1947 British film about Scottish fishermen, based on a 1941 novel by Neil M. Gunn. [4]


The film is set in the early 19th century and after the highland clearances. Catrine and her family, like many other dispossessed Scots, turn their hands to Herring fishing (the so-called Silver Darlings of the title). Catrine's husband is press-ganged into the Royal Navy and dies at sea. Catrine is left widowed with a young son to raise.

After some time, Roddy proposes to Catrine, but her son Finn, now older, is very upset about the engagement and everyone is trying to avoid conscription into the Royal Navy. [5]


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