The Slow Club (Austrian group)

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The Slow Club in 2008. The Slow Club Kunstzone-Karlsplatz2008a.jpg
The Slow Club in 2008.

The Slow Club is the name of a music project founded in 2004 by the Austrian musicians Hansi Lang, Thomas Rabitsch and Wolfgang Schlögl.


The genre of the produced music is related to jazz, which has - in the case of The Slow Club - a very strong influence of electronic dance music.




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Slow Club

Slow Club were an English duo formed in Sheffield in 2006. The band consisted of multi-instrumentalists Charles Watson and Rebecca Lucy Taylor, with Watson contributing piano, Taylor contributing drums, and both performing guitar and vocals. The band split in 2017 following an extensive tour to support their last album, with both members moving on to solo projects.

Thomas Rabitsch Austrian keyboardist and record producer (born 1956)

Thomas Rabitsch is an Austrian keyboardist and record producer.

Slow Motion (Lee.M and J. Pearl song) 2012 single by Lee.M & J. Pearl featuring Iyaz & Snoop Dogg

"Slow Motion" is a single by Lee.M and J. Pearl featuring additional vocals from Iyaz and rap by Snoop Dogg. The "electro house" dance tune is the debut single of Lee Mulhern who took the stage name Lee.M and is credited to "Lee.M & J. Pearl featuring Iyaz and Snoop Dogg".