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Rabitsch in 2011

Thomas Rabitsch (born 19 November 1956 in Vienna) is an Austrian keyboardist and record producer.



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Hoch wie nie is the name of the 2007 posthumously-published 'Best of' double album by Austrian musician Falco, who died in 1998. The Longplayer was published on Falco's 50th birthday. It was released in two versions. The Limited edition additionally contains the song "Urban Tropical", which was only available on vinyl before. There is also a Falco DVD with the same name available now, which is a documentary about Falco's life and career. In the non-European countries the album was released on 2 August 2007.

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Verdammt wir leben noch is Falco's second posthumously-published album, with Out of the Dark being the first one, having the European release only three weeks after his passing. The album consists of unreleased Falco tracks, including Krise, which, though it has never been finished, was an experimental song Falco made at the end of 1997, several months before his death.

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Franz Manfred Wuketits was an Austrian biologist, university teacher and epistemologist. He wrote extensively on epistemology, the history and theory of biology, evolution theory, evolutionary ethics, evolutionary epistemology and sociobiology.

"Verdammt wir leben noch" is a song by Falco from his posthumously-published album Verdammt wir leben noch (1999). The song was also released as a single.

"Ganz Wien" is the debut single by Falco, originally released in 1981. It later appeared on his 1982 debut album Einzelhaft.