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Thomas Reynolds (governor) Governor of Missouri

Thomas Reynolds was the Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court as well as the seventh Governor of Missouri. A Democrat, he is notable for being one of the few American politicians to die by suicide while in office.

Thomas Reynolds (Australian politician) Australian politician

Thomas Reynolds was the fifth Premier of South Australia, serving from 9 May 1860 to 8 October 1861.

Thomas Caute Reynolds American lawyer

Thomas Caute Reynolds was Confederate Governor of the divided border-state of Missouri in the American Civil War, following the death of Claiborne F. Jackson.


Thomas Partridge "Tom" Reynolds, was an Australian rules footballer who played with Essendon in the VFL.

Thomas Reynolds was an English footballer who played for Sunderland and Darlington in the Football League as a winger.

Tommie D. Reynolds is a former Major League Baseball outfielder. He was signed by the Kansas City Athletics as an amateur free agent in 1963, and played for them from 1963 to 1965. He also played for the New York Mets (1967), Oakland Athletics (1969), California Angels (1970–1971), and Milwaukee Brewers (1972).

Other people

Thomas Reynolds was an English bishop and academic. He was the Warden of Merton College, Oxford from 1545 and was created Bishop of Hereford by Mary I.

Thomas Reynolds (1752–1829) was an English antiquarian and minister.

Tom Reynolds was a British actor.

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