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Thomas Daniel Robinson (born 1950 or 1951), known as Tom Robinson, is a former unionist politician in Northern Ireland.

Robinson worked as an Independent Financial Advisor. [1] He joined the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), and was elected to Larne Borough Council at the 1977 Northern Ireland local elections. He held his seat in 1981, [2] and was elected Deputy Mayor of Larne in 1982, then Mayor in 1983. [3]

Robinson was elected for the Coast Road district at the local 1985, 1989, [4] 1993 and 1997 local elections. [5] He was also elected to the Northern Ireland Forum in 1996, representing East Antrim. [6]

By 2000, Robinson had become a prominent critic of UUP leader David Trimble. [7] He lost his council seat in 2001, [5] and subsequently defected to the UK Unionist Party (UKUP). [8] He stood for this new party at the 2003 Northern Ireland Assembly election, [8] but took only 1.8% of the vote and was not elected. [6]

Robinson stood again for Larne Borough Council at the 2005 local elections, this time as an independent candidate, [9] but took only 57 votes and was again unsuccessful. [5] He also failed to win a seat at the 2007 Northern Ireland Assembly election, standing again for the UKUP, [6] and subsequently joined the Traditional Unionist Voice party. [10]

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