Thomas Schmidheiny

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Thomas Schmidheiny
Born1945 (age 7475)
Alma mater Tufts University
Zurich Polytechnic
OccupationMajor shareholder of LafargeHolcim
Net worth US$4.9 billion (January 2020) [1]
Parent(s) Max Schmidheiny
Relatives Stephan Schmidheiny (brother)

Thomas Schmidheiny (born 1945) is a Swiss billionaire businessman, and the former chairman of cement manufacturer Holcim.


Early life

Thomas Schmidheiny was born in 1945, [2] the son of Max Schmidheiny (1908-1991). The family's construction materials empire (bricks, cement, etc.) was divided in 1984, with Thomas inheriting Holcim, the concrete and cement company, and his brother Stephan, also a billionaire, was given the construction company Eternit. [1]


Until 2003, Schmidheiny was the chairman of Holcim, one of the world's leading cement manufacturers, founded by his grand-uncle in 1912. [3] Schmidheiny resigned his chairmanship as part of a deal to settle an investigation of insider trading in Spain. [4] He has remained on the Board since that time. [5] Since the merger between Holcim and Lafarge Thomas Schmidheiny detains 11.4% of the company Lafarge-Holcim and is the biggest shareholder of the firm.


Schmidheiny holds a doctorate from Tufts University and a bachelor's degree from Zurich Polytechnic, [1] and an MBA from IMD Business School, Switzerland. [6]


The Indian School of Business has a Thomas Schmidheiny chair of family business. As of 2012, the post was held by Kavil Ramachandran. [7]

Personal life

Schmidheiny is married with four children; he owns vineyards and wineries in Argentina, Switzerland and the US, including his residence in Klosters. [1] [8]

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