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Thomas Solomon is a magician.

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Thomas Solomon is an American art dealer and curator who owns the Thomas Solomon Gallery in Los Angeles. Considered a "leading figure" in the Los Angeles art world, he represents 1960s and 1970s conceptual and emerging artists. He also provides art consulting services through Thomas Solomon Fine Art Advising. He is the son of New York City art collectors and patrons Horace and Holly Solomon.

This is the 65th edition of Torneo di Viareggio. The 2013 winners of the Torneo di Viareggio, the annual youth football tournament held in Viareggio, Tuscany, are listed below.

Tommy Solomon Last full blooded Moriori

Tame Horomona Rehe, also known by the anglicised name Tommy Solomon, is believed by most to have been the last full-blooded Moriori. Moriori were the indigenous people of the Chatham Islands.

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<i>Tommy Boy</i> 1995 film by Peter Segal

Tommy Boy is a 1995 American road comedy film directed by Peter Segal, written by Bonnie and Terry Turner, produced by Lorne Michaels, and starring former Saturday Night Live castmates and close friends Chris Farley and David Spade. The film was shot primarily in Toronto and Los Angeles under the working title "Rocky Road". It tells the story of a socially and emotionally immature man (Farley) who learns lessons about friendship and self-worth following the sudden death of his industrialist father. The film did well commercially, but received mixed reviews from critics. However, since its release, Tommy Boy has become a cult classic due to being very successful on home video.

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Thomas Moore (1779–1852) was an Irish poet, songwriter, singer, novelist, and historian.

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Tommy Horton (<i>Days of Our Lives</i>)

Thomas "Tommy" Horton M.D. is a fictional character on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. The role was portrayed by John Lupton from July 10, 1967 to May 3, 1971, December 23, 1971 to July 3, 1972, May 9 to 11, 1973, October 24, 1975 to April 27, 1978 and finally from December 22, 1978 to March 7, 1980.

The 1910 Five Nations Championship was the first series of the rugby union Five Nations Championship following the inclusion of France into the Home Nations Championship. Including the previous Home Nations Championships, this was the twenty-eighth series of the annual northern hemisphere rugby union championship. Ten matches were played between 1 January and 28 March. It was contested by England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.