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Thomas Vigner Christiansen Haaland (29 August 1859 - 15 July 1913) was a Norwegian politician.

Born in Torvestad, he worked as a banker and ship-owner for the most of his career. [1]

Torvastad Former Municipality in Western Norway, Norway

Torvastad is a former municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The municipality existed from 1838 until 1965. The administrative centre was the village of Haugesund, and after that it was the village of Torvastad on the island of Karmøy. Today, the area of Torvastad refers to the northern part of the municipality of Karmøy.

He was a member of Haugesund city council, [1] serving as mayor in 1900, 1902, 1903 and 1910. [2] He served as a deputy representative to the Norwegian Parliament during the term 19041906, representing the Moderate Liberal Party, and in 19071909 for the Coalition Party. [1]

Storting supreme legislature of Norway

The Storting is the supreme legislature of Norway, established in 1814 by the Constitution of Norway. It is located in Oslo. The unicameral parliament has 169 members, and is elected every four years based on party-list proportional representation in nineteen plurinominal constituencies. A member of the Storting is known in Norwegian as a stortingsrepresentant, literally "Storting representative".

The Moderate Liberal Party was a political party in Norway that emerged from the moderate and religious branches of the Liberal Party in 1888. The party's turn towards cooperation with the Conservative Party caused a party split in 1891, eventually sharpening its profile as a moderate-conservative party based among the low church of south-western Norway. The party was dissolved shortly after the dissolution of the union with Sweden in 1905.

The Coalition Party was a Norwegian political coalition drawn from the Conservative Party, the Moderate Liberal Party and independent Liberals. Its main issues were opposition to the Liberal Party's political union radicalism, as well as to the rising growth of social democracy. Originally formed to pursue a more careful negotiating line towards Sweden, the party turned around and took part in Michelsen's Cabinet, which carried through the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905. The coalition's leading members included Christian Michelsen himself, Wollert Konow (SB) and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.

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Bente Thorsen is a Norwegian politician representing the Progress Party. She has been a member of the Storting since following the 2009 parliamentary election as Rogaland's 12th representative. She was a deputy representative between 2005 and 2009.

Jens Edvard Haugland was a Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party and later the Liberal People's Party.

Ingvald Severin Johannessen Førre was a Norwegian newspaper editor, civil servant and politician for the Labour Party, who left the party in 1938.

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