Thomas Wensing

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Thomas Wensing
Born (1978-05-01) May 1, 1978 (age 42)
OccupationWriter and poet
Years active1999–present
Website Official website of Thomas Wensing (in German)

Thomas Wensing (born May 1, 1978 in Cologne) is a German author of poetry and short stories. [1]


Life and works

Thomas Wensing, born 1978 in Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia) has studied at the University of Cologne and at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. [2] He obtained his PhD from the latter institution in 2011. [3]

Besides studies and occupation, Wensing developed skills in writing literary texts. [4] Since the late 1990s, he has been publishing poetry in a couple of anthologies, e.g. in Junge Lyrik, [5] Junge Lyrik II and Junge Lyrik III, a book series published by Martin Werhand Verlag. [6] In 2006, he participated in the visual-poetric project Poesie bewegt of the Bremer Straßenbahn AG under supervision of Joachim Tuz. [7] Together with the two musicians Martin Schmitz and Michael Wurzel, Wensing formed the trio eher selten [8] that performed poetry and music at various occasions in the mid-2000s. [9] Apart from that group, he tried out his texts in several other formats, e.g. in cooperation with the Stadttheater Ingolstadt. [10]

In August 2014 Martin Werhand Verlag published Wensings first own volume of poems (Mitschrift), within the series 100 Gedichte. [11] [12] A volume of short stories (Zwischenspiel) appeared in late 2015 in the same publishing house. [13] In December 2019 the MWV published a third book with poems (Herbsttag), within the series 50 Gedichte. [14]

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