Thoresby House

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Thoresby House
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Thoresby House
General information
TypeStudent accommodation
Architectural style Edwardian Period
Location Hackney, London
Address1 Thoresby Street
London, United Kingdom
N1 7TQ
Owner Arcadia University
LandlordArcadia University, The College of Global Studies

Thoresby House is one of three Central London residence halls which is owned by The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University. [1] This residence hall is used for the University's study abroad programme participants. Mike LoStracco, an American from Philadelphia, is responsible for day-to-day operations at the house.

Thoresby House is located in Hoxton within the London Borough of Hackney, on the border of the trendy Islington area. Located on Thoresby Street just off City Road, Thoresby House is situated on the Northern line between Angel and Old Street tube stations in zone 1. There are many bus routes that stop along City Road near Thoresby House, including the 43, 205, 214, and 394. [2] Thoresby House is within walking distance to City University, several shops, grocery stores, restaurants, trendy bars and local pubs. Located directly across the street is a McDonald's as well as a Texaco petrol (gasoline) station with a 24-hour convenience store.

View on City Road towards the trendy Upper Street. Cityroad.jpg
View on City Road towards the trendy Upper Street.

Thoresby House is a four-story Edwardian Period building which consists of about 34 students and one Graduate Resident who lives on-site. The building consists primarily of single dormitory-style rooms with one larger double room on each floor. Each student room is furnished with a single bed, student desk, chair, desk lamp, shelving unit, wardrobe closet, small refrigerator, and sink with mirror. Communication services include a telephone with personal voice mail and 'wired' Internet access.

In addition, each floor has one lounge with a television and British (Region 2) DVD player. There is also a kitchen facility, two toilets (bathroom), and a gender-specific shower room that alternates on each floor (male shower on one floor, female shower on the next floor). Additional on-site amenities include a 24-hour launderette, an academic classroom, and a weekly maid service.

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