Thorlo Inc.

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Thorlo Inc.
Type Private
Founded1980;43 years ago (1980) in Statesville, North Carolina, United States
FounderJim Throneburg
BrandsThorlos, Experia, Health Padds, Smiles, Medds

Thorlo Inc. is a family-owned padded-sock manufacturing company based in Statesville, North Carolina. The socks produced by the company commands about 1.1% of the total market of the United States. [1] [2]


The technology of engineered padded socks was invented by Jim Throneburg in 1953 and he founded Thorlo Inc. in 1980. [3] During the early years of the company they manufactured socks specially for runners. They later started manufacturing socks with cushy heel padding and low-friction fibers for other activities. Since then, the company expanded its production to 32 different types of socks, specifically designed for sports like basketball, tennis and golf; and other activities like the military training and Western boots. The company also has a production line of casual socks, and lighter-weight socks for performance athletes. [4] [5] The company claims to reduce foot pain by 51% based on peer-reviewed clinical research compared to regular cotton socks, that limits both the number and size of sports-related blisters. [1] [6]

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