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Origin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Genres Industrial, synthpop, gothic rock
Years active1998–2013
Labels Dancing Ferret Discs
MembersAlex Reed
Aaron "Foo" Fuleki
Jeremy David Long
Past membersSarah Hans
Megan Hancock

ThouShaltNot were an American electronic band formed in 1998. Their core lineup consisted of Alex Reed, Aaron Fuleki, and Jeremy Long. The band's musical style blended elements of post-punk, gothic rock, industrial, and synthpop. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they were signed to Dancing Ferret Discs. The group released four studio albums before disbanding in 2013, with Reed and Fuleki continuing to record music under the name Seeming. [1]



The band started as vocalist Alex Reed's solo project, though Aaron Fuleki, whom Reed met as a freshman at The College of Wooster, joined the band in 1999. When ThouShaltNot relocated from Cleveland to Pittsburgh in 2001, Jeremy David Long joined the band. All three are classically trained musicians; Reed earned a Ph.D. in music composition and theory from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005. ThouShaltNot's music is generally complex, carefully orchestrated, and spiritual.

ThouShaltNot first signed with ADSR Musicwerks, releasing two albums of new material (a self-titled release and The Holiness of Now) as well as a rarities collection, You'll Wake Up Yesterday.The Holiness of Now gave them their first minor hit, "Without Faith," and You'll Wake Up Yesterday features their song "If I Only Were a Goth"; this song became quite popular and somewhat notorious at their live shows because the band traditionally limits it to the first live show in a new city as well as for its affectionate ridiculing of the gothic subculture. They were next signed by Dancing Ferret Discs, who have released their 2003 album The White Beyond and their 2006 album Land Dispute, as well as re-issuing The Holiness of Now.The White Beyond has been their most successful release to date, with "Cardinal Directions" and "Inside of You, In Spite of You" both receiving extensive club play. The band has gone on several U.S. tours, sharing the stage with such artists as VNV Nation, The Dresden Dolls, and David J of Bauhaus. They have also provided remixes for many synthpop and goth acts, including Alphaville, Hungry Lucy, Stromkern, and The Last Dance.


Final lineup

Former members




  • You'll Wake Up Yesterday (2002, ADSR Musicwerks)
  • Vier Factor No. 1 (split with The Crüxshadows, Paralysed Age, and The Dreamside, 2003, Dancing Ferret Discs)
  • The Projectionist (2005, independent release)
  • New World EP (2008, independent release)


Alex Reed's solo work

As "Thou Flaming Minister"

Exclusive Compilation Appearances

Various other album tracks have appeared on CDs packaged with music magazines and on label samplers by both ADSR Musicwerks and Dancing Ferret Discs.

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