Threat Signal (album)

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Threat Signal
Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 11, 2011
RecordedJune–July 2011 At Planet-Z In Hadley, Massachusetts
Genre Melodic death metal, hard rock, [1] industrial metal, [2] thrash metal [3]
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer Zeuss
Threat Signal chronology
Threat Signal

Threat Signal is the third official full-length studio album by the Canadian melodic death metal band Threat Signal. [4]


Track listing

All lyrics are written by Jon Howard; all music is composed by Threat Signal.

3."New World Order"5:49
4."Trust In None"6:14
5."Face the Day"4:17
6."Fallen Disciples"4:54
8."Death Before Dishonor"4:55
9."Buried Alive"6:13
10."Resistance" (bonus track)3:10



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