Three Chord Revolution

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Three Chord Revolution
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New Union Old Glory
Three Chord Revolution
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Three Chord Revolution is an album by Ann Beretta, released in 2003. [1] [4]


Critical reception

AllMusic called Three Chord Revolution "a fine, modern-day punk rock album." [2] The Richmond Times-Dispatch called it "fast and furious rock, a little on the punk side, with the same knack for a good pop melody as legendary acts like the Ramones and the Clash." [4]

Track listing

  1. "Not Invited"
  2. "New Revolution"
  3. "Built To Last"
  4. "Lipstick & Makeup"
  5. "Picture Perfect World"
  6. "Angry All The Time"
  7. "Better Half"
  8. "Lost In You"
  9. "Until You Be Mine"
  10. "Fallout"
  11. "Has Been Lullaby"
  12. "Long Road Home"

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