Three Chords and the Truth (The Ducky Boys album)

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Three Chords and the Truth
Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 16, 2004
Genre Punk
Label Thorp Records
Producer Jim Siegel
The Ducky Boys chronology
Dark Days Three Chords and the Truth The War Back Home
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Three Chords and the Truth is the third studio album of The Ducky Boys. It was recorded and released in 2004. The group reverted to a three piece band with a big, professional recorded sound for the album. This is the Ducky Boy's second album with Thorp Records and their first with guitarist Douglas Sullivan.


Track listing

All songs written by Mark Lind, except where noted.

  1. "Boston, USA" – 1:36
  2. "Pass You By" – 1:43
  3. "Alone Tonight" (Lind, Douglas Sullivan) - 1:50
  4. "Scars" (Lind, Caniris, Rob Lind, Felix Pappalardo) – 3:05
  5. "Fight" (Lind, Jason Messina) – 1:41
  6. "For the Underdogs" (Lind, Dan O'Leary) – 2:17
  7. "Stand By Me" (Ben E. King) – 2:53
  8. "Hanging On" – 2:01
  9. "This Place" – 2:10
  10. "The Long Road" (Lind, Messina) - 2:21
  11. "Ain't It a Shame" – 2:15
  12. "Untitled" – 2:05
  13. "Break Me" – 2:19
  14. "Looking Back" (Lind, Sullivan) – 1:34
  15. "Richmond Skyline" (Lind, Sullivan) - 2:44
  16. "Crumbling Heart'" (Lind, Messina)- 3:56



Additional Performers:

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