Three Letters to the Moon

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Three Letters to the Moon
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Studio album by Celtic Harp Orchestra
Released 2010
Recorded 2010
Genre Celtic, Fusion, Alternative
Label Ethnoworld
Celtic Harp Orchestra chronology
Tale of the Fourth
Three Letters to the Moon

Three Letters to the Moon is a studio album by Fabius Constable & Celtic Harp Orchestra, released by Ethnoworld in 2010.

The Celtic Harp Orchestra (CHO), founded in 2002 by Fabius Constable, is a musical formation composed primarily of lever harps, or Celtic harps, as they are commonly known, alongside other instruments such as cello, violin, flute, accordion, guitar, bass, drums, soprano voice and choir. As of June 2018 CHO has released seven albums currently distributed by the label Ignorelands. The musicians who are part of this project form an interesting and harmonious heterogeneous group, aged between 17 and 60 years. In full, the formation numbers 16 harpists, of whom 12 are women. An important role in characterizing the sound of Celtic Harp Orchestra goes to the voice of soprano Donatella Bortone, who joined the group in 2003, after having worked with Fabius Constable in an earlier project, "Fir Soar", CHO is considered the largest Celtic harp orchestra in Europe.


  1. Introitus II
  2. Nausicaa's Reflections
  3. No Time Nylus
  4. Concerning the Theft of an Airliner
  5. Luna Shine for me
  6. The Infinite Beauty of a Spotless Tofu
  7. Almuthada's Bliss
  8. Kerry the Kingdom
  9. From Another Life
  10. Children of Llyr
  11. La Porta
  12. Paolo + Francesca
  13. Bonifacio
  14. Dante's Dream


Fabius Constable : Director, Cello, Harp, Piano, Low Whistle, Tin Whistle, Accordion.

Donatella Bortone: Soprano

Sabrina Noseda: Harp, Vocal in "Concernig the Theft of an Airliner"
Chiara Vincenzi: Harp
Danilo Marzorati: Harp
Pauline Fazzioli: Harp
Federica Maestri: Harp, Choir, Flute
Ludwig Constable: Harp
Antonella d'Apote : Harp
Silla Orlando: Harp
Patrizia Rossi: Harp
Teodora Cianferoni: Harp
Giada Pederzoli : Harp
Chiara Rolla: Harp
Lidia Morra: Harp
Daniela Morittu: Harp
Rossana Monico: Harp, Bassoon
Maria Assunta Romeo: Harp
Luca Cascone: Harp
Daniele Cereghini: Harp

Filippo Pedretti: Violin
Stefano Zeni: Violin

Stefano Serano: Bass guitar

Luca Briccola: Guitars

Massimo Cerra: Oboe

Wang Xue Ting : Ehru

Mirko Soncini: Drum, Percussion, Tubular bells
Flaviano Cuffari: Percussion

Yako Kanazawa : Vocal in "Introitus II"

Sonia Lanzoni: Choir
Marco Carenzio: Choir
Riccardo Tabbì: Choir
Francesca Salcioli: Choir
Alessandro Mazzoni: Choir, Ocarina
Anne Delaby: Choir
Germana Ciervo: Choir
Irene Casartelli: Choir

Children's choir: Celine Lancini Martinez, Edoardo Nerboni, Cesare Primultini, Jacopo Buttini, Michele Moralli, Lorenzo Lecchi, Maurizia Delius, Elia Lavelti, Sofia Lavelti, Sheila Frattari, Arthur Delius, Maja Rossignoli, Demis Crameri, Leando Cantori, Valentin Wehrli, Alice C. Guisiano, Emilia Renn, Julius Renn, Sebastian Renn, Louis Deltenre, Raffele Canonica Sermoneta.

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