Three Little Dreams

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Three Little Dreams
Three Little Dreams.jpg
Author Thomas Aquinas Maguire
Illustrator Thomas Aquinas Maguire
Cover artist Thomas Aquinas Maguire
Genre Children's picture book
Publisher Simply Read Books
Publication date
July 15, 2010
Media typeWatercolor and Graphite
ISBN 978-1-894965-79-8

Three Little Dreams is a wordless picture book illustrated by Thomas Aquinas Maguire, published in July 25, 2010 by Simply Read Books in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A wordless picture book or a almost-wordless picture book is a picture book whose narrative is expressed through the illustrations.

Thomas Aquinas Maguire is an author and illustrator of children's picture books. His first book A Growling Place was published by Simply Read Books in August 2007. His second release from Simply Read Books Three Little Dreams is a collection of three fold-out books, it was released in the summer of 2010. In 2011 Simply Read Books released Maguires' third picture book The Wild Swan.

Simply Read Books is a children's specific publishing house situated in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


This is a boxed set of three separate books. The set of three books cover three different characters and their dreams. The dreams are entitled "Of Night and Of Flight", "Of Dragons and Drowse" and "Of Sheep and of Sleep". The books unfold in an accordion style and when completely unfurled present themselves as a single polyptych image. The sequence in the stories is flowing and represents the passage of time and single moments concurrently.

The books are cyclical and end where they begin, thus blurring the line between dream and reality.

"Of Night and Of Flight" This dream features a bird who wakes up and strangely has human arms and hands. He is a piano player but he dreams of being a real bird with real wings. In his dream he sprouts wings, falls asleep and wakes up to find that he has hands again.

"Of Dragons and Drowse" This dream features a young boy asleep on the couch - he awakes to a strange cat-like red dragon flying by the window. He crawls out of his window onto the tail of the beast. The dragon delivers him home and he slowly floats back onto the couch.

"Of Sleep and of Sheep" In this story the moon morphs into a sheep who climbs into a girl's window - the sheep gives her some wool and she immediately falls asleep. The sheep then climbs out of the window and, in subsequent pages, morphs back into the moon.

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