Three Standing Forms

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Three Standing Forms
The sculpture in 2015
Three Standing Forms
Artist Jan Zach
Year1959 (1959)
MediumSculpture: Iron, rock
Base: Basalt, granite
Dimensions15 m× 20 m× 6.1 m(49 ft× 66 ft× 20 ft)
Condition"Treatment needed" (1993)
Location Eugene, Oregon, United States
Coordinates 44°03′03″N123°05′31″W / 44.050905°N 123.091864°W / 44.050905; -123.091864 Coordinates: 44°03′03″N123°05′31″W / 44.050905°N 123.091864°W / 44.050905; -123.091864

Three Standing Forms is an outdoor 1959 sculpture by Jan Zach, installed at the intersection of 8th Avenue and West Park Street, in Eugene, Oregon's Park Blocks, in the United States.


Description and history

The abstract sculpture, made of iron welded onto rock, measures approximately 49 inches (1.2 m) x 66 inches (1.7 m) x 20 inches (0.51 m). It rests on a granite and basalt base that measures approximately 12.5 inches (0.32 m) x 78 inches (2.0 m) x 17.5 inches (0.44 m). The work was surveyed and deemed "treatment need" by Smithsonian Institution's "Save Outdoor Sculpture!" program in August 1993. [1]

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