Three Town Senior High School

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Three Town Senior High School (TTSS) is a second cycle institution located in Hedzranawo-Denu in the Volta Region of Ghana. [1]


It was established in January 1991 as a day school, making it among the oldest schools in Southern Volta, [2] until it was absorbed by the government. The name Threetown is as a result of the schools location in the heart of three towns; Denu, Hedzranawo and Adafienu. [3]

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Ho, Ghana Town in Volta Region, Ghana

Ho is the capital city of the Ho Municipal District and the Volta Region of Ghana. The city lies between Mount Adaklu and Mount Galenukui or Togo Atakora Range, and is home to the Volta Regional Museum, a cathedral, and a prison. It was formerly the administrative capital of British Togoland now part of the Volta Region. The population of Ho Municipality according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census is 177,281 representing 8.4 percent of the region's total population. Females constitute 52.7 percent and males represent 47.3 percent. About 62 percent of the population resides in urban localities. The Municipality shares boundaries with Adaklu and Agotime-Ziope Districts to the South, Ho West District to the North and West and the Republic of Togo to the East. Its total land area is 2,361 square kilometers thus representing 11.5 percent of the region's total land area.

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Eastern Region (Ghana) region in Ghana

The Eastern Region is located in south Ghana and is one of the sixteen administrative regions of Ghana. Eastern region is bordered to the east by the Lake Volta, to the north by Bono East Region and Ashanti region, to the west by Ashanti region, to the south by Central region and Greater Accra Region. Akans are the dominant inhabitants and natives of Eastern region and Akan, Ewe, Krobo, Hausa and English are the main spoken languages. The capital town of Eastern Region is Koforidua.The Eastern region is the location of the Akosombo dam and the economy of the Eastern region is dominated by its high-capacity electricity generation. Eastern region covers an area of 19,323 square kilometres, which is about 8.1% of Ghana's total landform.

Volta Region Region in Ghana


Ketu Municipal District Place in Municipal, Volta

The Ketu Municipal District was one of the districts in the Volta Region of Ghana. Its capital and administrative centre was Denu.

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Sogakope District Capital in Volta Region, Ghana

Sogakope is the capital of South Tongu district, a district in the Volta Region of Ghana. It is home to the lower Volta Bridge which connects Sogakope to Sokpoe. The town is mostly known for its river tourism and Mass bread production. The lower Volta Bridge is also the site for the famous Tortsogbeza, an annual festival held during Easter, which involves diving off the bridge, and is held in conjunction with the neighbouring town, Sokpoe. It is home to the Holy Trinity Spa, Cisneros Villa Hotel and other notable resorts including Shekinah Glory Hotel, Sogakope Resort etc. Most commuters plying the Accra to Aflao road usually stop over to buy snacks and bread. The town is mostly known for bread baking as well.

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Denu District capital in Volta Region, Ghana

Denu is a small town which is the capital of Ketu South Municipal, a district on the south-eastern corner of the Volta Region of Ghana, next to Aflao the border town with Togo. The name Denu literally means by the boundary.

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Kpassa District Capital in Oti Region, Ghana

Kpassa is the capital of Nkwanta North District, a district in the Oti Region of Ghana. The Oti Region was part of the Volta Region of Ghana until 2019. The inhabitants of Kpassa are mostly Konkomba people. The other inhabitants are Basare, The Bassares and famous for their fire dance, the Komkombas and Bassares are originally from Togo. There are also Akan, Ewe, Anufo, Krachi and Gonja people. In the past, the inhabitants of Kpassa have mainly engaged in farming. This trend has changed during the past two decades. Younger inhabitants are actively pursuing education and small-scale business activities, while the older ones are into governance. As a result, Kpassa has undergone rapid expansion during these past two decades. The town is expected to expand further once the Eastern Corridor Road Project is completed. In terms of architecture, a returning visitor will easily noticed that the town is rapidly shifting from mud buildings or atakpame to modern block buildings. In fact, most people in the town attach this shift to prestige and affluence in the society. At the current rate, one is expected to find fewer atakpame buildings a decade in the future. The economy of Kpassa is critical to the Volta Region, owing to its engagement in the production of valuable agricultural products such as corn, yam, cassava, millet, groundnuts, pepper, soya beans, and beans, among others.

St. Paul's Senior High School or St. Paul's Boys College, formerly St. Paul's Secondary, is a Ghanaian boys' senior high school located at Viepe Aflao -Denu in the Ketu South Municipal District of the Volta Region.

Adafienu is a coastal community located in the Volta Region of Ghana near Denu. Citizens of Adefienu are noted for fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, in May 2007 the fishermen caught a large fish measuring 4.2 metres long, 1.2 metres wide a meter high.

Hedzranawo is a town located in the Volta Region of Ghana between Denu and Adafienu.

Akatsi College of Education teacher training school

Akatsi College of Education (AKATSICO) is a teacher training college located at Akatsi in the Volta Region of Ghana. It was established on 1 October 1963. Its motto is "Quality teacher education in a changing society," and the college is home to more than 700 students.

Ketu South Municipal District Place in Municipal, Volta

The Ketu South Municipal District is one of the 25 districts in the Volta Region of Ghana. The administrative capital is Denu. The district is bonded by Togo to the east, the Gulf of Guinea to the south, Keta Municipal District to the west and Ketu North District to the north.

N1 road (Ghana) road in Ghana

The N1 or National Highway 1 is a national highway in Ghana that begins at the border with Ivory Coast at Elubo and runs through Sekondi-Takoradi, Cape Coast, Winneba, Accra and Tema to the border with Togo at Aflao. It is the main highway along the coast of the country, with a total distance of 540 kilometers. The route runs through the Western, Central, Greater Accra and Volta regions of Ghana.


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