Three for All

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Three for All
Directed by Martin Campbell
Produced by Tudor Gates
Harold Shampan
Written by Tudor Gates
Harold Shampan
Starring Adrienne Posta
Lesley North
Cheryl Hall
Graham Bonnet
Robert Lindsay
Music by Terry Trower
Cinematography Ian Wilson
Edited by Peter Musgrave
Distributed by Fox-Rank
Release date
May 1975 (UK)
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Three for All is a 1975 British musical comedy film directed by Martin Campbell and starring Adrienne Posta, Robert Lindsay, Paul Nicholas, Cheryl Hall, Richard Beckinsale, Graham Bonnet and John Le Mesurier.



A British marketing executive books a British music group named Billy Beethoven for a tour through Spain to promote Spanish tourism but stipulates that the members of the group must adopt a cowboy image as a gimmick and that their girlfriends will not be coming along because he needs the group to focus on performing. The girlfriends pool their savings and buy their own tickets to Spain to follow their boyfriends. They ward off the advances of several men, most of them also British tourists, and ultimately catch up with their boyfriends at the end of the tour. However, the manager immediately books the band on another tour in the United States without their girlfriends.



The British group Showaddywaddy appear in the film [1] performing "The Party" from their eponymous 1974 debut album. [2]

It was one of a number of comedies featuring Diana Dors. [3]

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