Thunder Squad

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Thunder Squad
Pīlì Xiǎozǔ
Taiwan Thunder Squad Patch.JPG
Arm patch of Thunder Squad
Agency overview
Employees200 personnel
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction Republic of China
General nature
Specialist jurisdiction
  • Counter terrorism, special weapons operations. Protection of internationally protected persons, other very important persons, and-or of state property of significance.
Operational structure
Parent agency National Police Agency, ROC (Taiwan)

Thunder Squad (Chinese :霹靂小組; pinyin :Pīlì Xiǎozǔ) is a special services unit of the National Police Agency in Taiwan, [1] a highly trained SWAT counter-terrorism Special Forces tactical unit established in 1985 to conduct high-risk arrests and other dangerous law enforcement duties. This 200 man group is organized into small four-man elements, three of which make up an operating group.[ citation needed ]


Thunder Squad is also the name given to the SWAT tactical units of the county level police departments in the ROC (Taiwan). [2]


In 2020 the NPA Thunder Squad participated in the annual Han Kuang exercise alongside special forces formations from the Military Police and Coast Guard as well as regular military. [1]

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