Thunder Squad

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Thunder Squad
Taiwan Thunder Squad Patch.JPG
Arm patch of Thunder Squad
Active1985 - Present
Country Flag of the Republic of China.svg Republic of China (Taiwan)
Branch National Police Agency, ROC (Taiwan)
Type Special Forces
RoleDomestic Counter-Terrorism and Law Enforcement
Part ofRespective County/Municipality-level police departments

Thunder Squad (Chinese : 霹靂 小組 ; pinyin :Pīlì Xiǎozǔ) is a special services unit of Taiwan's National Police Agency, a highly trained SWAT counter-terrorism Special Forces tactical unit established in 1985 to conduct high-risk arrests and other dangerous law enforcement duties. This 200 man group is organized into small four-man elements, three of which make up an operating group.

Traditional Chinese characters

Traditional Chinese characters are Chinese characters in any character set that does not contain newly created characters or character substitutions performed after 1946. They are most commonly the characters in the standardized character sets of Taiwan, of Hong Kong and Macau, and in the Kangxi Dictionary. The modern shapes of traditional Chinese characters first appeared with the emergence of the clerical script during the Han Dynasty, and have been more or less stable since the 5th century.

Hanyu Pinyin, often abbreviated to pinyin, is the official romanization system for Standard Chinese in mainland China and to some extent in Taiwan. It is often used to teach Standard Mandarin Chinese, which is normally written using Chinese characters. The system includes four diacritics denoting tones. Pinyin without tone marks is used to spell Chinese names and words in languages written with the Latin alphabet, and also in certain computer input methods to enter Chinese characters.

Thunder Squad is also the name given to the SWAT tactical units of the county level police departments in the ROC (Taiwan).

Military tactics science and art of organizing a military force and techniques

Military tactics encompasses the art of organising and employing fighting forces on or near the battlefield. They involve the application of four battlefield functions which are closely related – kinetic or firepower, mobility, protection or security, and shock action. Tactics are a separate function from command and control and logistics. In contemporary military science, tactics are the lowest of three levels of warfighting, the higher levels being the strategic and operational levels. Throughout history, there has been a shifting balance between the four tactical functions, generally based on the application of military technology, which has led to one or more of the tactical functions being dominant for a period of time, usually accompanied by the dominance of an associated fighting arm deployed on the battlefield, such as infantry, artillery, cavalry or tanks.

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Republic of China Military Police Special Services Company Military unit of Taiwan

Republic of China Military Police Special Services Company is a unit of the military police of the Republic of China (Taiwan). This unit is stationed at Wugu, Taipei. Little is known about this unit, since informations regarding it are classified by the Ministry of National Defense. It was formed in 1978. The Epoch Times reported that some members have been trained by the Ranger School at Fort Benning.

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Beijing Special Weapons and Tactics Unit

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