Thunderdome (album)

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Studio album by Pink Cream 69
Released 8 June 2004
Genre Hard rock
Label SPV/Steamhammer
Producer Dennis Ward
Pink Cream 69 chronology

Thunderdome is the ninth studio album by Pink Cream 69.

Pink Cream 69 is a German hard rock/heavy metal band founded in 1987 in Karlsruhe, Germany by Andi Deris, Dennis Ward, Kosta Zafiriou and Alfred Koffler. The band gained their first contract by winning music magazine Metal Hammer 's newcomer competition in Ludwigsburg one year after forming. In 1994, Andi Deris left the band to join German power metal band Helloween. He was replaced by British singer David Readman.


Track listing

1."The Last Stance"IntroIntro0:57
2."Thunderdome"Dennis WardWard4:26
3."Gods Come Together"WardAlfred Koffler4:46
4."Carnaby Road"Ward, David ReadmanKoffler4:50
5."Here I Am"ReadmanReadman, Ward4:58
6."That Was Yesterday"ReadmanReadman4:45
8."Retro Lullaby"WardKoffler4:02
9."My Sharona" Doug Fieger Berton Averre, Fieger4:21
10."As Deep As I Am"WardWard5:33
11."Another Wrong Makes Right"WardKoffler, Ward5:05
12."See Your Face"WardKoffler4:01
13."Carved In Stone"ReadmanReadman3:34
14."The Edge Of Sorrow (Japanese bonus track)"  3:46
The Knack band

The Knack was an American rock band based in Los Angeles that rose to fame with their first single, "My Sharona", an international number-one hit in 1979.

<i>Get the Knack</i> album by The Knack

Get the Knack is the debut album by the Knack, released in June 1979. At the time, the album was one of the most successful debuts in history, selling over one million copies in less than two months and spending five weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart. The lead single from the album, "My Sharona", was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks and number one on Billboard's Top Pop Singles of 1979 year end chart. The follow-up single, "Good Girls Don't," followed "My Sharona" to #1 on the Canadian Singles Chart, and reached #11 in the U.S.


David Readman is an English singer, best known as the vocalist of hard rock band Pink Cream 69 and former vocalist of progressive metal band Adagio. He released a solo album on 31 August 2007, and was part of German guitarist Alex Beyrodt's band Voodoo Circle, from 2008 to 2016.

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