Thunderdome (album)

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Studio album by
Released8 June 2004
Genre Hard rock
Label SPV/Steamhammer
Producer Dennis Ward
Pink Cream 69 chronology

Thunderdome is the ninth studio album by German hard rock band Pink Cream 69.


Track listing

1."The Last Stance"IntroIntro0:57
2."Thunderdome"Dennis WardWard4:26
3."Gods Come Together"WardAlfred Koffler4:46
4."Carnaby Road"Ward, David ReadmanKoffler4:50
5."Here I Am"ReadmanReadman, Ward4:58
6."That Was Yesterday"ReadmanReadman4:45
8."Retro Lullaby"WardKoffler4:02
9."My Sharona" Doug Fieger Berton Averre, Fieger4:21
10."As Deep As I Am"WardWard5:33
11."Another Wrong Makes Right"WardKoffler, Ward5:05
12."See Your Face"WardKoffler4:01
13."Carved In Stone"ReadmanReadman3:34
14."The Edge Of Sorrow (Japanese bonus track)"  3:46



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