Thy Serpent

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Thy Serpent
Origin Espoo, Finland
Genres Black metal
Years active1995 (1995)–present
MembersSami Tenetz
Marko Tarvonen
Miika Niemelä

Thy Serpent is a Finnish black metal band from Espoo. It started out as a solo project by Sami Tenetz in 1992. A full lineup was acquired in 1995.



After two demos, he signed a record deal with Spinefarm Records. Azhemin, Agathon and Luopio joined between 1995 and 1996 when they released their debut, Forests of Witchery . "Only Dust Moves" was featured on the Nightwish single "The Carpenter". After their debut album's success, their international debut, Christcrusher, followed.

Contrary to their statements that they would never play live, they did eight gigs in Finland in the summer of 1999. In 2000, Thy Serpent changed its line-up, adding a second guitarist and a new drummer. During that year, they went to the studio to record Death , which remains the last record by the band. They are now signed to Candlelight Records.

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