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TiLite designs and manufactures titanium and aluminum wheelchairs. TiLite specializes in wheelchair customization (a process they refer to as TiFit) in which each wheelchair is made to users' exact specifications. [1]



One of TiLite's first models of wheelchair was called the “CrossSport”. Since then, TiLite has developed a full range of titanium and aluminum wheelchairs. TiLite wheelchairs are sold in 38 countries; TiLite is a division of TiSport, LLC, which is headquartered in Pasco, Washington. [2] In 2014, TiLite was acquired by Permobil. [3]


TiLite uses titanium for the frames of several lines of its high-performance wheelchairs. [4] Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, it is highly durable, and it absorbs vibrations better than other common frame materials such as aluminum. These are unique properties, but because titanium is difficult to refine and requires expertise and precision in welding and bending, it is a more costly material. TiLite makes wheelchairs in both titanium and aluminum. While the company's titanium chairs are slightly lighter in weight and more durable, their aluminum wheelchairs are more economical and sufficient for most users. [5] The design and manufacturing process uses parametric modelling, [6] computer aided design and finite element analysis technologies to optimize design and material choices. [7]

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