Tier 1 Elite Hockey League

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Tier 1 Elite Hockey League
FormerlyMidwest Elite Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey
No. of teams24
Country United States
Official website tier1elitehockeyleague.com

The Tier 1 Elite Hockey League (T1EHL), formerly Midwest Elite Hockey League, is located primarily in the Midwest United States and is the premier amateur youth hockey league in the United States. Players from all over the country move to the area where the teams are located to gain exposure and skill development needed for higher levels. Many of the league's top players go on to compete at the Major Junior, NCAA, and NHL level. The T1EHL showcase tournaments and games are heavily scouted by scouts from the USHL, NCAA schools, and the OHL due to the convenience of seeing many top players in one game or weekend.


League format

The T1EHL acts as an umbrella organization for the league's teams which compete at various levels of youth hockey from Squirt Minor to Midget Major 18U. The league also operates three girls levels. The T1EHL is sanctioned by USA Hockey and acts as a development system for the country's top youth players.

League History

The Midwest Elite Hockey league launched a new Midget Major league, the Tier 1 Elite Hockey League for the 2008–2009 season. The T1EHL also re-aligned the league and will consist of 6 divisions of and 32 teams:

Each team will play 46 games with 2 home and 2 away inter division games as well as 6 showcases with each division hosting 3 showcases and travel to each other's showcase once.

As well as providing excellent competition for the teams within the league, the new format will also reduce the travel costs for the organizations. The Midget Major (U18) teams play a rigorous tournament schedule that will now be in part replaced by the showcases that are included in the league schedule. The new Midget league will fly under the T1EHL banner using its rules and policies. USA Hockey will monitor the new league and its development.

For the 2010–2011 season the league added an Eastern Division with the addition of five teams from the northeast US. The Pittsburgh Hornets moved from the Mid-Am division to the new East division and joined new teams: Boston Advantage, Philadelphia Jr. Flyers, Team Comcast, and Buffalo Regals. The Ohio AAA Blue Jackets replaced Pittsburgh in the Mid-Am division, and the Cleveland Barons swapped spots with the Madison Capitols in the Chicago division.

After the 2010–2011 season, six T1EHL teams left to form a new league called the High Performance Hockey League (HPHL). The teams that left included Chicago Young Americans (CYA), Chicago Mission, Team Illinois, Detroit Compuware, Detroit Honeybaked, and Detroit Little Caesars.

Tier 1 expanded the league for the 2015–2016 season. At this point it is still unknown whether this expansion will just occur at the U16 Midget Minor and U18 Midget Major levels, or if all levels will expand with these clubs. The clubs joining Tier 1 next year will be the Omaha AAA Hockey Club, the New Jersey Avalanche, the Anaheim Jr. Ducks, and the Michigan Nationals. It is unclear whether there will be a division realignment for the Midget levels at this point.

Tier 1 Elite Hockey League Teams

Chicago Division:

Detroit Division:

East Division:

Ohio Division

Rocky Mountain Division

West Division:

Guest Teams:

With the Oakland Jr. Grizzlies leaving the T1EHL for the HPHL beginning the 2017-18 season, these teams fill in the Detroit Division at showcases. They are not considered full members of the league.

Tier 1 Elite Hockey League Champions

Boys Divisions
Midget Major
SeasonLeague Champion(s)
2013–14Cleveland Barons
2012–13Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
2011–12Detroit Victory Honda
2010–11St. Louis Amateur Blues
2009–10Detroit Belle Tire
2008–09Cleveland Barons, St. Louis Amateur Blues
2007–08Pittsburgh Hornets
2006–07Team Illinois
2005–06Team Illinois
Midget Minor
SeasonLeague Champion(s)
2013–14St. Louis AAA Blues
2012–13St. Louis AAA Blues
2011–12Colorado Thunderbirds
2010–11LA Selects
2009–10Chicago Mission
2008–09Detroit Compuware
2007–08Detroit Compuware
2006–07Detroit Honeybaked
2005–06Detroit Honeybaked
2004–05Detroit Honeybaked
Bantam Major
SeasonLeague Champion(s)
2013–14Detroit Belle Tire
2012–13Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
2011–12Detroit Belle Tire
2010–11Detroit Belle Tire
2009–10Detroit Honeybaked
2008–09Chicago Mission
2007–08Detroit Little Caesars
2006–07Chicago Mission
2005–06Detroit Little Caesars
2004–05Team Illinois, Detroit Honeybaked
Bantam Minor
SeasonLeague Champion(s)
2013–14Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
2012–13Oakland Jr. Grizzlies
2011–12Madison Capitols
2010–11Detroit Compuware
2009–10Detroit Belle Tire
2008–09Detroit Honeybaked
2007–08Detroit Compuware
2006–07Chicago Mission
2005–06Detroit Honeybaked
2004–05Detroit Honeybaked
Peewee Major
SeasonLeague Champion(s)
2013–14Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
2012–13Cleveland Barons
2011–12Detroit Belle Tire
2010–11Detroit Little Caesars
2009–10Detroit Compuware
2008–09Detroit Belle Tire
2007–08Detroit Honeybaked
2006–07Chicago Mission
2005–06Detroit Compuware
2004–05Detroit Compuware
Peewee Minor
SeasonLeague Champion(s)
2013–14Detroit Belle Tire
2012–13St. Louis AAA Blues
2011–12Cleveland Barons
2010–11Chicago Mission
2009–10Detroit Little Caesars
2008–09Detroit Belle Tire
2007–08Detroit Belle Tire
2006–07Detroit Honeybaked
2005–06Detroit Compuware
2004–05Detroit Compuware
Squirt Major
SeasonLeague Champion(s)
2013–14Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
2012–13Chicago Fury
2011–12Detroit Belle Tire
2010–11Detroit Little Caesars
2009–10Chicago Mission
2008–09Team Illinois
2007–08Detroit Compuware
2006–07Detroit Little Caesars
2005–06Detroit Honeybaked
2004–05Detroit Compuware
Squirt Minor
SeasonLeague Champion(s)
2013–14Detroit Belle Tire Warriors
2010–11Detroit Little Caesars
2009–10Detroit Little Caesars
2008–09Detroit Honeybaked
2007–08Detroit Compuware
2006–07Detroit Compuware
2005–06Kensington Valley Renegades

Girls Divisions
SeasonLeague Champion(s)
2013–14Shaftsbury Titans
2012–13St. Louis Lady Blues
2011–12Madison Capitols
2010–11Detroit Belle Tire
2009–10Chicago Mission
2008–09Chicago Mission
2007–08Shattuck-St. Mary's
2006–07Team Illinois
2005–06Shattuck-St. Mary's
2004–05Detroit Honeybaked
SeasonLeague Champion(s)
2013–14Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
2012–13Colorado Selects
2011–12St. Louis Lady Blues, Detroit Belle Tire
2010–11Detroit Honeybaked
2009–10Detroit Little Caesars
2008–09Detroit Belle Tire
2007–08Colorado Selects
2006–07Chicago Young Americans
2005–06Team Illinois
2004–05Team Illinois, Detroit Honeybaked, Colorado Selects
SeasonLeague Champion(s)
2013–14Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
2012–13Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
2011–12St. Louis Lady Blues
2010–11Chicago Mission
2009–10Chicago Mission
2008–09Detroit Honeybaked
2007–08Detroit Little Caesars
2006–07Team Illinois
2005–06Detroit Honeybaked, Team Illinois
2004–05Team Illinois
SeasonLeague Champion(s)
2013–14Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
2012–13St. Louis Lady Blues
2011–12Detroit Belle Tire

NHL Draft Picks

NHL Draft Picks
PlayerRoundOverallNHL teamMWEHL Team
Ryan Kesler 1#23Vancouver CanucksDetroit Honeybaked
Danny Richmond 2#31Carolina HurricanesTeam Illinois
Dan Fritsche 2#46Columbus Blue JacketsCleveland Barons
Frank Rediker 4#118Boston BruinsDetroit Compuware
Corey Potter 4#122New York RangersDetroit Honeybaked
Mike Brown5#153Boston BruinsDetroit Honeybaked
David Rohlfs 5#154Edmonton OilersDetroit Compuware
Drew Miller 6#186Mighty Ducks of AnaheimDetroit Honeybaked
Dylan Reese 7#209New York RangersPittsburgh Hornets
Gerald Coleman 7#224Tampa Bay LightningChicago Young Americans
Marty Guerin 9#274Los Angeles KingsDetroit Honeybaked
PlayerRoundOverallNHL teamMWEHL Team
Grant Lewis 2#40Atlanta ThrashersPittsburgh Hornets
David Booth 2#53Florida PanthersDetroit Honeybaked
Kevin Porter 4#119Phoenix CoyotesDetroit Honeybaked
Chris Zarb5#144Philadelphia FlyersDetroit Little Caesars
Gino Pisellini5#149Philadelphia FlyersTeam Illinois
Robbie Earl 6#187Toronto Maple LeafsDetroit Honeybaked
Ian Keserich7#215Columbus Blue JacketsCleveland Barons
Matt Hunwick 7#224Boston BruinsDetroit Honeybaked
John Carter9#291Philadelphia FlyersDetroit Honeybaked
PlayerRoundOverallNHL teamMWEHL Team
Bobby Ryan 1#2Mighty Ducks of AnaheimDetroit Honeybaked
Justin Abdelkader 2#42Detroit Red WingsDetroit Honeybaked
Tom Fritsche2#47Colorado AvalancheCleveland Barons
T. J. Hensick 3#88Colorado AvalancheDetroit Honeybaked
Patrick Davis 4#99New Jersey DevilsDetroit Belle Tire
Jared Boll 4#101Columbus Blue JacketsTeam Illinois
Nathan Davis4#913Chicago BlackhawksCleveland Barons
Nathan Gerbe 5#142Buffalo SabresDetroit Honeybaked
Justin Mercier 6#168Colorado AvalancheCleveland Barons
Ryan Maki 6#176Nashville PredatorsDetroit Honeybaked
Ryan McGinnis6#184Los Angeles KingsDetroit Honeybaked
Kyle Lawson7#198Carolina HurricanesDetroit Honeybaked
Matt Clackson 7#215Philadelphia FlyersPittsburgh Hornets
Pat McGann7#223Dallas StarsTeam Illinois
Zach Bearson7#224Florida PanthersTeam Illinois
PlayerRoundOverallNHL teamMWEHL Team
Trevor Lewis 1#17Los Angeles KingsDetroit Honeybaked
Mark Mitera 1#19Anaheim DucksDetroit Little Caesars
Chris Summers 1#29Phoenix CoyotesDetroit Victory Honda
Nigel Williams2#51Colorado AvalancheTeam Illinois
Jeff Zatkoff 4#74Los Angeles KingsDetroit Honeybaked
Ryan Turek4#94St. Louis BluesDetroit Honeybaked
Brett Bennett5#130Phoenix CoyotesDetroit Honeybaked
David Meckler 5#134Los Angeles KingsChicago Young Americans
Erik Condra 7#211Ottawa SenatorsDetroit Honeybaked
PlayerRoundOverallNHL teamMWEHL Team
Patrick Kane 1#1Chicago BlackhawksDetroit Honeybaked
Ian Cole 1#18St. Louis BluesDetroit Victory Honda
Jim O'Brien 1#29Ottawa SenatorsDetroit Little Caesars
Bill Sweatt 2#38Chicago BlackhawksTeam Illinois
Aaron Palushaj 2#44St. Louis BluesDetroit Honeybaked
Jeremy Smith 2#54Nashville PredatorsDetroit Compuware
Josh Unice 3#86Chicago BlackhawksDetroit Victory Honda
Corey Tropp 3#89Buffalo SabresDetroit Belle Tire
Steven Kampfer 4#93Anaheim DucksDetroit Little Caesars
Alec Martinez 4#95Los Angeles KingsDetroit Honeybaked
Matt Rust4#101Florida PanthersDetroit Honeybaked
Ben Ryan4#114Nashville PredatorsDetroit Victory Honda
John Albert 6#175Atlanta ThrashersCleveland Barons
Brad Phillips7#182Philadelphia FlyersDetroit Honeybaked
C. J. Severyn7#186Calgary FlamesPittsburgh Hornets
Trevor Nill7#190St. Louis BluesDetroit Compuware
PlayerRoundOverallNHL teamMWEHL Team
Robert Czarnik3#63Los Angeles KingsDetroit Honeybaked
A. J. Jenks 4#100Florida PanthersDetroit Honeybaked
David Wohlberg6#172New Jersey DevilsDetroit Honeybaked
Tommy Wingels 6#177San Jose SharksTeam Illinois
Zach Redmond 7#184Atlanta ThrashersDetroit Compuware
PlayerRoundOverallNHL teamMWEHL Team
John Moore 1#21Columbus Blue JacketsChicago Mission
Chris Brown 2#36Phoenix CoyotesDetroit Honeybaked
Drew Shore 2#44Florida PanthersDetroit Honeybaked
Kenny Ryan 2#50Toronto Maple LeafsDetroit Honeybaked
Kevin Lynch 2#56Columbus Blue JacketsDetroit Honeybaked
Patrick Wey 4#115Washington CapitalsPittsburgh Hornets
Anthony Hamburg7#193Minnesota WildDallas Stars
Paul Phillips7#195Chicago BlackhawksChicago Fury
PlayerRoundOverallNHL teamMWEHL Team
Jack Campbell 1#11Dallas StarsDetroit Honeybaked
Cam Fowler 1#12Anaheim DucksDetroit Honeybaked
Austin Watson 1#18Nashville PredatorsDetroit Compuware
Beau Bennett 1#20Pittsburgh PenguinsLA Jr. Kings
Jon Merrill 2#38New Jersey DevilsDetroit Honeybaked
Jason Zucker 2#59Minnesota WildDetroit Compuware
Stephen Johns 2#60Chicago BlackhawksPittsburgh Hornets
Bryan Rust 3#80Pittsburgh PenguinsDetroit Honeybaked
Justin Florek 5#135Boston BruinsMarquette Electricians
Kevin Gravel 5#148Los Angeles KingsMarquette Electricians
Kevin Lind6#177Anaheim DucksChicago Mission
Bryce Aneloski7#196Ottawa SenatorsTeam Illinois
Luke Moffatt 7#197Colorado AvalancheDetroit Compuware
Chris Crane7#200San Jose SharksDetroit Honeybaked
Zach Trotman 7#210Boston BruinsDetroit Victory Honda
PlayerRoundOverallNHL teamMWEHL Team
J. T. Miller 1#15New York RangersPittsburgh Hornets
Rocco Grimaldi 2#33Florida PanthersDetroit Little Caesars
John Gibson 2#39Anaheim DucksPittsburgh Hornets
Brandon Saad 2#43Chicago BlackhawksPittsburgh Hornets
Vincent Trocheck 3#64Florida PanthersPittsburgh Hornets
T. J. Tynan 3#66Columbus Blue JacketsChicago Mission
Robbie Russo 4#95New York IslandersChicago Mission
Josiah Didier 4#97Montreal CanadiensColorado Thunderbirds
Michael Mersch 4#110Los Angeles KingsTeam Illinois
Blake Pietila 5#129New Jersey DevilsDetroit Compuware
Sean Kuraly 5#133San Jose SharksOhio Jr. Blue Jackets
Shane McColgan5#134New York RangersLA Jr. Kings
Garret Sparks7#190Toronto Maple LeafsChicago Mission
Zac Larraza7#196Phoenix CoyotesP.F. Chang's
Alex Broadhurst 7#199Chicago BlackhawksChicago Mission
Ryan Dzingel 7#204Ottawa SenatorsTeam Illinois
Garrett Haar7#207Washington CapitalsRussell Stover Stars
PlayerRoundOverallNHL teamMWEHL Team
Alex Galchenyuk 1#3Montreal CanadiensChicago Young Americans
Jacob Trouba 1#9Winnipeg JetsDetroit Compuware
Jordan Schmaltz 1#25St. Louis BluesChicago Mission
Henrik Samuelsson 1#27Phoenix CoyotesP.F. Chang's
Nicolas Kerdiles 2#36Anaheim DucksLA Selects
Patrick Sieloff 2#42Calgary FlamesDetroit Compuware
Ben Johnson 3#90New Jersey DevilsDetroit Little Caesars
Brady Vail4#94Montreal CanadiensDetroit Compuware
Thomas Di Pauli 4#100Washington CapitalsChicago Mission
Austin Wuthrich4#107Washington CapitalsTeam Illinois
Jaccob Slavin 4#120Carolina HurricanesColorado Thunderbirds
Logan Nelson5#133Buffalo SabresRussell Stover Stars
Connor Carrick 5#137Washington CapitalsChicago Fury
Garret Ross 5#139Chicago BlackhawksDetroit Victory Honda
John McCarron6#153Edmonton OilersDetroit Honeybaked
Riley Barber 6#167Washington CapitalsDetroit Compuware
Vinnie Hinostroza 6#169Chicago BlackhawksChicago Mission
Matthew Deblouw7#186Calgary FlamesDetroit Little Caesars
Colton Hargrove7#205Boston BruinsSt. Louis Amateur Blues
Jaycob Megna 7#210Anaheim DucksTeam Illinois
PlayerRoundOverallNHL teamMWEHL Team
Seth Jones 1#4Nashville PredatorsDallas Stars
Kerby Rychel 1#19Columbus Blue JacketsDetroit Belle Tire
Michael McCarron 1#25Montreal CanadiensDetroit Honeybaked
Ryan Hartman 1#30Chicago BlackhawksChicago Mission
J. T. Compher 2#35Buffalo SabresTeam Illinois
Justin Bailey 2#52Buffalo SabresBuffalo Regals
Cole Cassels 3#85Vancouver CanucksOhio Blue Jackets
Michael Downing4#97Florida PanthersDetroit Victory Honda
Andrew Copp 4#104Winnipeg JetsDetroit Compuware
Zach Pochiro4#112St. Louis BluesLA Jr. Kings
Tyler Motte 4#121Chicago BlackhawksDetroit Honeybaked
Will Butcher 5#123Colorado AvalancheMadison Capitols
Cal Petersen 5#129Buffalo SabresChicago Young Americans
Brendan Burke6#163Phoenix CoyotesP.F. Chang's
Quentin Shore6#168Ottawa SenatorsColorado Thunderbirds
Anthony Louis 6#181Chicago BlackhawksTeam Illinois
David Drake7#192Philadelphia FlyersChicago Fury
PlayerRoundOverallNHL teamMWEHL Team
Brendan Perlini 1#12Arizona CoyotesDetroit Belle Tire
Dylan Larkin 1#15Detroit Red WingsDetroit Belle Tire
Sonny Milano 1#16Columbus Blue JacketsCleveland Barons
Nick Schmaltz 1#20Chicago BlackhawksChicago Mission
Thatcher Demko 2#36Vancouver CanucksLA Jr. Kings
Alex Nedeljkovic 2#37Carolina HurricanesDetroit Belle Tire
Josh Jacobs 2#41New Jersey DevilsDetroit Belle Tire
Ryan MacInnis 2#43Arizona CoyotesSt. Louis AAA Blues
Maxim Letunov 2#52St. Louis BluesDallas Stars
Johnathan MacLeod2#57Tampa Bay LightningCleveland Barons
Christian Dvorak 2#58Arizona CoyotesChicago Mission
Brandon Halverson 2#59New York RangersOakland Jr. Grizzlies
Connor Chatham3#71New Jersey DevilsSt. Louis AAA Blues
Blake Siebenaler3#77Columbus Blue JacketsDetroit Belle Tire
Louie Belpedio 3#80Minnesota WildTeam Illinois
Matt Iacopelli 3#83Chicago BlackhawksDetroit Belle Tire
Nick Magyar4#93Colorado AvalancheCleveland Barons
Chase De Leo 4#99Winnipeg JetsLA Selects Hockey Club
Ryan Mantha4#104Toronto Maple LeafsDetroit Belle Tire
Zachary Nagelvoort4#111Edmonton OilersDetroit Compuware
Dakota Joshua5#128Toronto Maple LeafsDetroit Little Caesars
Anders Bjork 5#146Boston BruinsChicago Mission
Christopher Brown6#151Buffalo SabresDetroit Belle Tire
Aaron Haydon6#154Dallas StarsDetroit Belle Tire
Kyle Schempp6#155New York IslandersDetroit Compuware
Hayden Hawkey6#177Montreal CanadiensColorado Thunderbirds
Jared Fiegl7#191Arizona CoyotesColorado Rampage
Matt Ustaski7#192Winnipeg JetsTeam Illinois
Dwyer Tschantz7#202St. Louis BluesTeam Comcast

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