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Origin Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Genres Folk metal, power metal, andean music
Years active2008–present
Labels Voice Music
Website http://www.tierramysticaofficial.com
MembersRicardo "Chileno" Durán
Alexandre Tellini
Luciano Thumé
Gui Antonioli
TH Costa
Past membersDan Rubin
Fabiano Muller
Rafael Martinelli
Eduardo Gomes
Bruno Lacerda
Gustavo Strapazon
Fábio Laguna
Ricardo Confessori
André Nascimento
Jesus Hernades
Rafael Dachary

Tierramystica is a Brazilian folk metal band from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, founded in 2008. The band is noted for blending heavy/power metal with elements of andean music. [1] As an opening act, they have performed with names such as Angra, Sepultura, Symphony X, Epica, Paul Di'Anno and Scorpions. [2] [3]



The band was formed on January 28, 2008 when guitarist Fabiano Muller and vocalist Ricardo "Chileno" Durán quit the band Toccata Magna and joined guitarist Alexandre Tellini for a new musical venture. [4] The line up was later completed with bassist Rafael Martinelli, keyboardist Luciano Thumé, drummer Eduardo "Duca" Gomes and vocalist André Nascimento. [4]

Their debut EP, named New Eldorado and containing the title-song and "Spiritual Song", sold a total of 100,000 copies. [2] During the recording sessions of their first album, André left the band and was replaced by Gui Antonioli, who is also vocalist for the Brazilian progressive metal band Anaxes and guest sang with also Brazilian metal opera project SoulSpell. [2]

In 2010, the band was one of the six finalists of the Brazilian leap of the Wacken Metal Battle, a contest of novice bands in which the winner of each country performs at the W.E.T. Stage of the Wacken Open Air. However, the winners and Brazilian representatives ended up being Pernambuco-based band Cangaço. [5]

In 2015 and 2016, the band underwent several changes in its lineup. In September 2015, vocalist Gui Antonioli left the group and was temporarily replaced by Dan Rubin (ex-Magician, SoulSpell). [6] In March 2016, he was hired as a full-time member. [7] On 13 July 2016, they announced a great change in the lineup: longtime Alexandre Tellini, Rafael Martinelli, Luciano Thumé and Eduardo Gomes left and were replaced by guitarist Bruno Lacerda, bassist Gustavo Strapazon, and the already notorious Fábio Laguna on the keyboards (ex-Angra, Hangar) and Ricardo Confessori on the drums (ex-Angra, Shaman). [8] They also announced that a new song would be released later in 2016 and that recordings for a new album should start in January 2017, with a still unknown release date. [8]

On December 22, 2020, after the band had been out of action for 3 years, a different lineup was presented to the fans, bringing back members of the original line-up, a new fan page [9] and a new page on Instagram [10] with Ricardo Chileno being the only one to stay from the previous formation, with the presentation of a new song, "Beyond the Cape of Storms", [11] in the program Quarentena Rock Fest of the channel Heavy Talk [12] now present in all music streaming platforms.



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Fábio Laguna is a keyboardist most famous for playing with Angra since 2001 and for being a member of Hangar band since 2002. In 2006 he released his last solo album called Freakeys along with members of both bands.

Marcelo Barbosa is a Brazilian guitarist and music teacher. He is a founder or member of other Brazilian bands like progressive metal act Khallice and former Angra vocalist Edu Falaschi's band Almah. He also is the founder and owner of GTR music school in his home city Brasília, and columnist of Cover Guitarra, Guitar Class and Guitar Player magazines. Since September 2015, he also joined Angra, replacing Kiko Loureiro, who is now a member of Megadeth.

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