Tietze (surname)

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Tietze may refer to:

Alexander Tietze German surgeon

Alexander Tietze was a German surgeon born in Liebenau. Tietze's syndrome is named after him.

Christopher Tietze was a United States physician best known for his stance in the United States pro-choice movement to permit abortion in the United States.


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Heinrich Franz Friedrich Tietze was an Austrian mathematician, famous for the Tietze extension theorem on functions from topological spaces to the real numbers. He also developed the Tietze transformations for group presentations, and was the first to pose the group isomorphism problem. Tietze's graph is also named after him; it describes the boundaries of a subdivision of the Möbius strip into six mutually-adjacent regions, found by Tietze as part of an extension of the four color theorem to non-orientable surfaces.

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This is a list of persons named after Saint Francis Xavier. The list includes cognates of the name Francis Xavier in other languages, including:

Emil Tietze Austrian geologist

Emil Ernst August Tietze was an Austrian geologist.

Erica Tietze-Conrat (born June 20, 1883 Vienna, died December 12, 1958, in New York City, also known as Erika Conrat, Erica Tietze) was an Austrian-American art historian, one of the first women to study art history, a strong supporter of contemporary art in Vienna and an art historian specializing in Renaissance art and the Venetian school drawings.

Hans Tietze was an Austrian art historian and member of the Vienna School of Art History.