Tiffany Jones

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Tiffany Jones
Author(s) Pat Tourret, Jenny Butterworth
Current status/scheduleTerminated.
Launch date1964
End date1977
Publisher(s) Daily Sketch
Genre(s)Drama comics.

Tiffany Jones was a British comic strip that ran in syndication between 1964 and 1977 and was published in Daily Sketch . The series centred on a young woman who travelled to London to become a fashion model. It is notable for being created by two female comic strip artists, Pat Tourret and Jenny Butterworth. [1] The strip portrayed feminist themes and included some erotic fanservice. [2]

The series was popular enough to inspire a 1973 comedy film, Tiffany Jones .

"Tiffany Jones" was listed in 1001 Comics You Should Read Before You Die by Quintessence Editions. [3]

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