Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite

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Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite
Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 24, 2001
RecordedJanuary 2001
StudioGrandmaster Studios, Hollywood, CA
Genre Psychobilly
Horror punk
Label Hellcat Records
Producer Nick 13
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Tiger Army
Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite
Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise
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Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite is Tiger Army's second album, released on July 24, 2001. It featured London May on drums, Geoff Kresge on stand up bass and Nick 13 on vocals and guitar. London May left the band before their next album, Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise (he was replaced with Fred Hell). This album in particular features songs that are laced with rockabilly overtones (such as "Cupid's Victim"), though the band is considered psychobilly.


"Annabel Lee" references the popular poem of the same title by Edgar Allan Poe. Some songs, including "Under Saturn's Shadow" and "Annabel Lee," are backed with vocals by Davey Havok of AFI.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Nick 13

1."Prelude: Call of the Ghost Tigers"0:50
2."Towards Destiny"2:42
4."Power of Moonlite"2:58
5."When Night Comes Down"3:18
6."Grey Dawn Breaking"3:10
7."Cupid's Victim"2:30
8."Valley of Dreams"2:48
9."Annabel Lee"3:32
10."In the Orchard"3:51
11."Under Saturn's Shadow"3:04
13."Remembered Forever"2:40
Total length:36:17


Tiger Army

Guest Musicians and Other Personnel

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Geoff Kresge is a songwriter, guitarist, bassist, and record producer. He played with the punk rock/horror punk band AFI for most of their early career, from 1992 through 1997, and co-wrote the majority of their early material alongside frontman Davey Havok. During an AFI hiatus in 1993, he briefly moved to New York to join street punk band Blanks 77. He later went on to play with Canadian horror rock group The Forbidden Dimension and also a high-energy rock band, The Daggers, before subsequently joining the psychobilly band Tiger Army. Though he played an electric bass in his previous bands, for Tiger Army he chose an upright bass.

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Anabelle Lee or similar may refer to:

"The Days of the Phoenix" is a song by the American rock band AFI. It was released to radio as the only single from their fifth studio album The Art of Drowning in 2000.

Viva Hate is a rock band that was formed late in the summer of 2004 by Geoff Kresge after he left Tiger Army. Shortly after forming Viva Hate, Kresge was asked to join the HorrorPops, with whom he played guitar with from 2004 to 2006, although the official statement of his departure was not made until the summer of 2007, leaving many questions regarding the nature of his parting ways with the HorrorPops.

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