Tiger Joe

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Tiger Joe
Tiger Joe poster.jpg
Italian theatrical release poster by Enzo Sciotti
Directed by Adan Kamran
Produced byGianfranco Couyoumdjian
Written byTito Carpi
Story byGianfranco Coujoumdjian
Starring David Warbeck
Annie Belle
Music by Carlo Savina
CinematographyRiccardo Pallottini
Release date
  • 1982 (1982)
Running time
96 minutes

Tiger Joe (Italian : Fuga dall'arcipelago maledetto) is a 1982 Italian adventure film written and directed by Antonio Margheriti and starring David Warbeck and Annie Belle. [1] [2] [3]

Italian language Romance language

Italian is a Romance language of the Indo-European language family. Italian descended from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire and, together with Sardinian, is by most measures the closest language to it of the Romance languages. Italian is an official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino and Vatican City. It has an official minority status in western Istria. It formerly had official status in Albania, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro (Kotor) and Greece, and is generally understood in Corsica and Savoie. It also used to be an official language in the former Italian East Africa and Italian North Africa, where it still plays a significant role in various sectors. Italian is also spoken by large expatriate communities in the Americas and Australia. Italian is included under the languages covered by the European Charter for Regional or Minority languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Romania, although Italian is neither a co-official nor a regional or a traditional language in these countries, where Italians do not represent a historical minority. In the case of Romania, Italian is listed by the Government along 10 other languages which supposedly receive a "general protection", but not between those which should be granted an "advanced or enhanced" one. Many speakers of Italian are native bilinguals of both Italian and other regional languages.

Adventure films are a genre of film that typically use their action scenes to display and explore exotic locations in an energetic way.

Antonio Margheriti, also known under the pseudonyms Anthony M. Dawson and Antony Daisies , was an Italian filmmaker. Margheriti worked in many different genres in the Italian film industry, and was known for his sometimes derivative but often stylish and entertaining science fiction, sword and sandal, horror/giallo, Eurospy, spaghetti western, Vietnam War and action movies that were released to a wide international audience. He died in 2002.



Tiger Joe is a former US Army Special Forces Vietnam Veteran now gunrunning to anti-Khmer Rouge freedom fighters. When his plane is shot down, Tiger Joe joins a female rebel in her fight.

Khmer Rouge followers of the Communist Party of Kampuchea in Cambodia

The Khmer Rouge was the name popularly given to the followers of the Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK) and by extension to the regime through which the CPK ruled in Cambodia between 1975 and 1979. The name had originally been used in the 1950s by Norodom Sihanouk as a blanket term for the Cambodian left.


David Warbeck film actor

David Warbeck was a New Zealand actor and model best known for his roles in European exploitation and horror films.

Annie Brilland is a French actress and social worker. Her acting career began in 1974 and throughout the seventies, has had a series of varied roles in both French and Italian cinema, working with such directors as Jean Rollin, Ruggero Deodato and Joe D'Amato.

Luciano Pigozzi Italian actor

Luciano Pigozzi, also known professionally as Alan Collins, was an Italian character actor. A long-time staple of Italian genre cinema, Pigozzi was noted for his resemblance to Peter Lorre and appeared in such films as Human Cobras, Yor, the Hunter from the Future, Ivanhoe, the Norman Swordsman, Blood and Black Lace, Libido and perhaps his goriest role in Baron Blood.

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