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Tigerlily Films is a British film and television production company established in 2000, working in documentary, drama, feature films and branded content. Their feature film credits include The Market: A Tale of Trade (Winner of Best Film at Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival in 2008), She, A Chinese (winner of the Locarno Golden Leopard in 2009), Transit and Jadoo, and their documentaries include After the Apocalypse, Only When I Dance, Black Power Salute, 37 Uses For a Dead Sheep and Dolce Vita Africana. [1]



Tigerlily Films was established by co-managing directors Natasha Dack and Nikki Parrott, who first met when students at the Royal College of Art Film School. After producing many music videos, commercials, TV channel idents and short films through their sister company, UFO Films, Tigerlily Films was created to concentrate on documentaries and dramas. [2]

In 2001, Tigerlily Films was awarded a slate deal with the UK Film Council. In 2006 Tigerlily was awarded a MEDIA slate deal for documentaries, which was renewed for a further slate in 2008.

The company has produced several documentaries for BBC Four’s Storyville series, including Footprints, 37 Uses For a Dead Sheep and Dolce Vita Africana, a documentary about Malian photographer Malick Sidibe.

Tigerlily also produces branded content, idents and commercials. Previous work includes Honda idents for Channel 4, Sci-Fi Channel idents, branded content films for Sony Creatology and for Rexona/Lotus F1.


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