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Origin Glasgow, Scotland
Genres Folkhop
Years active1997-present
LabelsNachural Records
Website www.tigerstyleonline.co.uk

Tigerstyle is a Scottish Folkhop group from Glasgow from a British Punjabi background.

Scotland Country in Northwest Europe, part of the United Kingdom

Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain, with a border with England to the southeast, and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the North Sea to the northeast, the Irish Sea to the south, and more than 790 islands, including the Northern Isles and the Hebrides.


Folkhop is a genre of music that came about after the death of bhangra in the mid-1990s. It is diametrically opposed to bhangra music in that it is not live music but instead relies on pre-recorded musical parts with only the vocals being sung live along to a live repetitive dhol drum. The pre-recorded music consists of primarily looped rhythm parts from both eastern and western percussion instruments and little to no melody on instruments. It borrows heavily from hip hop, however it is more traditional than its predecessor, bhangra which rebelled against tradition and authenticity. Traditional folk instruments like dhol and tumbi are central to folkhop productions. Folkhop songs tend to be heavily produced by DJs on computer software. In the beginning, all songs start out as vocal only recordings that the folk singer records in India. This 'vocal only' recording is then sold on websites involved in the buying and selling of folkhop music. The DJs then pay a small sum for the rights to these vocals, and then set the music using looped samples of both hip hop and traditional folk instruments. The quintessential folkhop artist is the bedroom DJ. Folkhop albums typically feature no credits on musicians, instead liner notes simply feature 'big ups' to online friends of the folkhop DJ.

Glasgow City and council area in Scotland

Glasgow is the most populous city in Scotland, and the third most populous city in the United Kingdom, as of the 2017 estimated city population of 621,020. Historically part of Lanarkshire, the city now forms the Glasgow City council area, one of the 32 council areas of Scotland; the local authority is Glasgow City Council. Glasgow is situated on the River Clyde in the country's West Central Lowlands. It is the fifth most visited city in the UK.



Raj and Pops come from a folk background, with the traditional upbringing of a Sikh family, with their roots in Punjab, Punjabi folk music, in particular Punjabi music from the late 1970s to early 1980s, including artists such as Kuldip Manak and Surinder Shinda as well as Bollywood music. They also list Rap, Hip hop, RnB and Drum n bass with artists such as Dr. Dre and Ice Cube as influences. [1]

Surinder Shinda is a Punjabi singer , who is considered a "grandfather of moc", and has been described as "legendary". He has had numerous hit songs including "Jatt Jeona Morh", "Putt Jattan De", "Truck Billiya", "Balbiro Bhabhi" and "Kaher Singh Di Mout". He has also appeared in Punjabi films such as Putt Jattan De and Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da.

Bollywood Hindi language film industry

Hindi cinema, often known as Bollywood and formerly as Bombay cinema, is the Indian Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai. The term is a portmanteau of "Bombay" and "Hollywood". The industry is related to other regional industries, making up Indian Cinema – the world's largest by number of feature films produced.

Rapping Vocal technique used with spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics

Rapping is a musical form of vocal delivery that incorporates "rhyme, rhythmic speech, and street vernacular", which is performed or chanted in a variety of ways, usually over a backing beat or musical accompaniment. The components of rap include "content", "flow", and "delivery". Rap differs from spoken-word poetry in that rap is usually performed in time to an instrumental track. Rap is often associated with, and is a primary ingredient of hip-hop music, but the origins of the phenomenon predate hip-hop culture. The earliest precursor to the modern rap is the West African griot tradition, in which "oral historians", or "praise-singers", would disseminate oral traditions and genealogies, or use their formidable rhetorical techniques for gossip or to "praise or critique individuals." Griot traditions connect to rap along a lineage of Black verbal reverence that goes back to ancient Egyptian practices, through James Brown interacting with the crowd and the band between songs, to Muhammad Ali's quick-witted verbal taunts and the palpitating poems of the Last Poets. Therefore, rap lyrics and music are part of the "Black rhetorical continuum", and aim to reuse elements of past traditions while expanding upon them through "creative use of language and rhetorical styles and strategies. The person credited with originating the style of "delivering rhymes over extensive music", that would become known as rap, was Anthony "DJ Hollywood" Holloway from Harlem, New York.

Music career

They started their music career in 1997 when as DJs they created Desi Bombsquad Sound System with the intent of nurturing the bhangra scene in Scotland as they felt it lagged behind the English bhangra scene. [2] The name Tigerstyle is taken from the Tiger Style of Shaolin Kung Fu named after the tiger, [3] with the brothers coming from a Sikh warrior background which has its own martial art, Gatka, and the name Singh meaning lion. [1]

Disc jockey Person who plays recorded music for an audience

A disc jockey, more commonly abbreviated as DJ, is a person who plays existing recorded music for a live audience. Most common types of DJs include radio DJ, club DJ who performs at a nightclub or music festival and turntablist who uses record players, usually turntables, to manipulate sounds on phonograph records. Originally, the disc in disc jockey referred to gramophone records, but now DJ is used as an all-encompassing term to describe someone who mixes recorded music from any source, including cassettes, CDs or digital audio files on a CDJ or laptop. The title 'DJ' is commonly used by DJs in front of their real names or adopted pseudonyms or stage names. In recent years it has become common for DJs to be featured as the credited artist on tracks they produced despite having a guest vocalist that performs the entire song: like for example Uptown Funk.

England Country in north-west Europe, part of the United Kingdom

England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It shares land borders with Wales to the west and Scotland to the north. The Irish Sea lies west of England and the Celtic Sea to the southwest. England is separated from continental Europe by the North Sea to the east and the English Channel to the south. The country covers five-eighths of the island of Great Britain, which lies in the North Atlantic, and includes over 100 smaller islands, such as the Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Wight.

Shaolin Kung Fu, also called Shaolin Wushu or Shaolin quan, is one of the oldest, largest, and most famous styles of wushu or kungfu. It combines Ch'an philosophy and martial arts and originated and was developed in the Shaolin temple in Henan province, China during its 1500-year history. Popular sayings in Chinese folklore related to this practice include "All martial arts under heaven originated from Shaolin" and "Shaolin kung fu is the best under heaven," indicating the influence of Shaolin kung fu among martial arts. The name Shaolin is also used as a brand for the so-called external styles of kung fu. Many styles in southern and northern China use the name Shaolin.

The brothers have released a number of singles and albums and also done official remixes for artists such as Lisa Maffia and Raghav. After a legal dispute with previous record companies, they signed to Nachural Records, the label that launched Panjabi MC.

Lisa Maffia British singer

Lisa Maffia is an English singer-songwriter, musician, fashion designer, model and presenter, who originally came to the public's attention as the main female member of So Solid Crew. Whilst in So Solid, the singer notched up five top 20 hits, including a platinum-selling single "21 Seconds" and a platinum selling album They Don't Know. As a solo artist, she has released two top 10 singles and an award-winning album including the platinum selling single "All Over". Her most recent release to date, was 2017’s "Wah Gwarn". Maffia is mixed race, born to a half-Italian mother and a Jamaican father.

Raghav Canadian singer

Raghav Mathur, known professionally as Raghav, is a Canadian singer/songwriter. He has released three studio albums: the debut Storyteller in 2004, Identity in 2009 and The Phoenix in 2012. His most known commercial success was with "Angel Eyes" which peaked at number 7 in the UK in 2005. His singles "So Confused", "Can't Get Enough" and "It Can't Be Right" also reached the UK top ten in 2004. Raghav continues to have success on Canadian charts in 2010s with subsequent hits like "So Much" with Kardinal Offishall, "Fire", "Top of the World", "Woohoo" and "Until the Sun Comes Up" (featuring Indian actor Abhishek Bachchan and US artist Nelly.

Nachural Records is a British bhangra record label based in Birmingham, West Midlands, England. It was formed in 1991 by Ninder Johal, tabla-player for the group Achanak.

Tigerstyle have toured all over the world and shared stages with the likes of Lily Allen, Dub Pistols, Misty in Roots, Talvin Singh, Nitin Sawhney, Gunjan, Asian Dub Foundation, Badmarsh & Shri, Truth Hurts, Panjabi MC, Future World Funk as well as Bobby Friction and DJ Nihal on BBC Radio 1. Friction has said of Tigerstyle, "They are without doubt the next Asian/Bhangra act that will break through into the mainstream - it is only a question of time." On 28 October 2006 they performed on the BBC Electric Proms Asian Network gig. [4]

Lily Allen English singer, songwriter, author, and television presenter

Lily Rose Beatrice Cooper is an English singer and songwriter. She is the daughter of actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen. Allen left school when she was 15 and concentrated on improving her performing and compositional skills. In 2005, she made some of her recordings public on Myspace and the publicity resulted in airplay on BBC Radio 1 and a contract with Regal Recordings.

Dub Pistols are an English electronic music group founded by Barry Ashworth & Jason O' Bryan in 1996.

Misty in Roots are a British roots reggae band formed in Southall, London in the mid 1970s. Their first album was 1979's Live at the Counter Eurovision, a record full of Rastafarian songs. It was championed by BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel, helping to bring roots reggae to a white audience. At this early stage, the band was a collective with five lead singers and various musicians, though by the time of the second album proper the band had slimmed down to just three members. Along with Steel Pulse, Aswad, Matumbi, Cimarons and Black Slate, Misty in Roots were one of the most popular British reggae bands of the late 1970s.

In the second series of Britain's Got Talent on ITV1 in May 2008, the song used by dance act Signature in their audition and again in their performance in the final was "Nachna Onda Nei", a bhangra remix of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" and Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure" featuring Kaka Bhaniawala with covering vocals. As a result of it being featured, it made the top 100 for the first time, spending one week at #62 [5]

<i>Britains Got Talent</i> Televised British talent competition series

Britain's Got Talent is a televised British talent show competition, and part of the global Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell. Presented by Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, it is produced by both Thames and Syco Entertainment, distributed by Fremantle, and broadcast on ITV every year in late Spring to early Summer. The show premiered on 9 June 2007 following the success of America's Got Talent the previous year; it was initially planned for 2005, but a dispute between the broadcaster and its originally intended host led to production being suspended for two years.

Signature (dance group) English dance duo

Signature are English dance duo Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh. Their style of dance is British Bhangra and they frequently base their performances around Michael Jackson songs, such as "Billie Jean" and "Thriller". They gained wide recognition during their performances in the second series of Britain's Got Talent, in which they were runners-up to the winner street dancer George Sampson.

Nachna Onda Nei is a song by Scottish bhangra group Tigerstyle with Kaka Bhaniawala on lead vocals. It is a mash-up of "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson and "Under Pressure" by Queen ft. David Bowie with new bhangra-style vocals being sung over the top. The song also uses a sample of "Fantastic Voyage" by Coolio.

Tigerstyle are one of the few Asian acts to have ever recorded a live session for the late John Peel. They also performed on the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury Festival in July 2007. [6] [7] Their Bollywood debut came in the shape of exclusive remixes of "Bas Ek Kinng" and "Bhootni Ke" under the guidance of hit music director Pritam, on the soundtrack of the blockbuster movie of summer 2008, Singh Is Kinng. They also collaborated again with Pritam for Pankaj Kapur's directoral debut Mausam .

Over the past few years Tigerstyle have gone on to work with other Bollywood Music Directors such as Sachin Jigar and Ram Sampath and have also develop a new fusion of Bhangra with Electronic Dance Music which they have named "DigiBhang".

This new fusion style formed the basis of their 2013 album "Digi-Bhang". In the same year they transformed their studio produced album into a Live Band Performance. During the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Tigerstyle performed at a one-off event named "DigiBhang Live" at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh with their newly formed band.



YearAlbumRecord Label
2000The RisingKismet Records
2001Extended PlayKismet Records
2002VirsaKismet Records
2003Mixtape Vol.1Soldier Sound Recordings
2004Mixtape Vol.2Soldier Sound Recordings
2005Bhang Goes Tha Riddimsoldier Sound Recordings
2005American Jugni - Bikram SinghSoldier Sound Recordings / VIP Records
2006The Movement Vol.1Soldier Sound Recordings
2007The Rhyme Book - BlitzkriegSoldier Sound Recordings / VIP Urban
2008Balle! Shava! SingleNachural Records
2009Mystics, Martyrs & MaharajasNachural Records
2012The MillionsMovieBox/T-Series
2014Drama DreamMovieBox/Speed Records
2016Ik SaheliyaanMovieBox/Speed Records


YearTrackRecord Label
2000"Nachna Onda Nei"Kismet Records
2013"Digi-Bhang"Soldier Sound Recordings
2014"Att Goriye" (Preet Harpal)Lokhdun Punjabi
2015"Swag Jatt Da" (Ranjit Bawa)T-Series
"Zaalim Dilli" (Jazzy B)
"Chakkwein Suit" (Kulwinder Billa)
"Husn: The Kali" (Harbhajan Mann)Amar Audio
"Koi Khaas" (Saini Surinder)MovieBox
"Singhan Di Jeep" (K. S. Makhan)Dharam Seva Records
"Sitarey" (Jaz Dhami)T-Series
"Girl Like You" (Nirmal Sidhu)AK Music
"Ikk Ikk Saah" (Harbhajan Mann)Saga Hits
"Honda" (Gippy Grewal)Panj-Aab Records
"Under The Stars" (Ishmeet Narula)AK Music
2016"2 Akhiyaan" (Ricky Chohan)T-Series
"Gabhroo" (Sarbjit Cheema)Kamlee Records LTD/T-Series
"Bad Company" (Ranjit Bawa)Speed Records
"300 Sala Yaad Shaheedi" (Ranjit Bawa & Veer Rahimpuri)SGPC, Amritsar
"Nakhro" (Anmol Gagan Maan)T-Series
"Alvidaa" (Raj Ranjodh)T-Series
"Sucha Soorma" (Nav Sidhu)Amar Audio
"Drumbeat" (Nishawn Bhullar)Panj-Aab Records
"Sher" (Harbhajan Mann)T-Series
"Chamkila Boliyan" (Nav Sidhu & Ishmeet Naula)MovieBox
2017"Dagga Dhol Utte" (Raja Baath)Speed Records
"Saah Te Sajjan" (Rana Sahota)Speed Records
"Dil Di Reejh" (Harshdeep Kaur)T-Series

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Bhaṅgṛā is a type of upbeat popular music associated with the Punjab region in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, and the Punjabi diaspora in Europe and North America.

Panjabi MC English musician

Rajinder Singh Rai, better known by his stage name Panjabi MC, is a British recording artist, rapper, producer and DJ of Punjabi ethnicity. He is best known for the worldwide bhangra hit, "Mundian To Bach Ke" of 1998, which sold 10 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling singles of all time. Among other songs, he gained acclaim with the 2003 release "Jogi". Allmusic has called him "one of the most prominent names in bhangra".

The Punjabis or Punjabi people are an Indo-Aryan ethnolinguistic group associated with the Punjab region in South Asia, specifically in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, presently divided between Punjab, India and Punjab, Pakistan. They speak Punjabi, a language from the Indo-Aryan language family. The name Punjab literally means the land of five waters in Persian: panj ("five") āb ("waters"). The name of the region was introduced by the Turko-Persian conquerors of the Indian subcontinent. The historical Punjab region is often referred to as the breadbasket in both India and Pakistan.

Music of Punjab

Music of Punjab reflects the traditions of the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent, currently divided into two parts: East Punjab (India) and West Punjab (Pakistan). The Punjab has diverse styles of music, ranging from folk and Sufi to classical, notably the Patiala gharana.

Asian Underground is a term associated with various British Asian and South Asian Canadian musicians who blend elements of Western underground dance music and the traditional Asian music of their home countries in South Asia. The first well-known mention was the compilation album Anokha - Soundz of the Asian Underground released in 1997 and masterminded by Talvin Singh and Sweety Kapoor. It is not a strict musical genre per se, since the specific sounds can vary wildly. Most of these artists are the children or grandchildren of immigrants and have grown up in Western culture, but still have a strong Asian background through their families.

Malkit Singh, MBE is England-based Punjabi bhangra singer. Born in Hussainpur and raised in Nakodar, he moved to Birmingham in 1984. Singh was the first Punjabi singer to be honoured with an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. He was most famous for the songs "Gur Nalo Ishq Mita", "Tootak Tootak Tootiyan", "Kurri Garam Jayee", "Dekh li vilyait", "Chal Hun", and "Jind Mahi", the latter two from the soundtrack to the popular film Bend It Like Beckham.

Lehmber Hussainpuri is a Bhangra singer.

Channi Singh

Harcharanjit Singh Rupal known professionally as Channi Singh, is a British-Indian bhangra musician, known as the "godfather" of bhangra in the West. Channi is the co-founder, lead singer, producer, and director of Alaap. He came from Malerkotla, Punjab to the UK in 1975 and gradually started the popularity of Punjabi music among the Punjabi youth in the UK, forming the Alaap group in 1977 with Harjeet Gandhi, Randhir Sahota and Inder Kalsi.

Mundian To Bach Ke 2002 single by Panjabi MC

"Mundian To Bach Ke", also titled "Beware of the Boys " or "Beware", is a bhangra song produced by Panjabi MC, with vocals and lyrics by Punjabi artist Labh Janjua. The song was originally released in 1997, produced by Panjabi MC in Birmingham, United Kingdom for the album Legalised. Following its re-release as a single in 2002 with Jay-Z, it achieved considerable worldwide success, topping the singles charts in Italy and Belgium (Wallonia), and charting highly in many other countries. The song sold 10 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling singles of all time.

The BBC Asian Network, a BBC National Radio station has a number of specifically music programmes in various styles of music aimed at the British South Asian Community in the UK.

Bikram Singh is an American bhangra music artist. A graduate of Touro Law School, he also works as an attorney in New York City.

<i>Singh Is Kinng</i> 2008 film by Anees Bazmee

Singh is Kinng is a 2008 Indian action comedy film directed by Anees Bazmee, which stars Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in lead roles. The film also featured a music video with Snoop Dogg. The film was released on 8 August 2008, and a major part of the production was shot in Australia. Akshay Kumar was also nominated for the Asian Film Awards in the "Best Actor" category for his performance in the film. Singh is Kinng was declared a Superhit by Box Office India. The spelling of the word "king" in the film's title with an additional letter "n" was based on advice provided by a numerologist. The film was the third highest-grossing Bollywood film of 2008.

DJ Rekha is a London-born musician, DJ, producer, curator, and activist. She has been credited with pioneering Bhangra music in North America. Her first album, DJ Rekha Presents Basement Bhangra, released in October 2007 on Koch Records, fuses the Indian genre of bhangra music with international hip-hop and drum beats.

Labh Janjua was an Indian bhangra vocalist and songwriter, best known for his bhangra and hip hop songs, such as "Bair Bura Hunda Jatt da", "Jatt Di Nazar Buri", "Goli Jatt Ne Katcheri'ch Chaloni ", "Jatt Marda", "Soni De Nakhre Sone lagde" and "Mundian To Bach Ke", which was remixed by Panjabi MC in 1998, and re-released in 2002. He has also sung many Bollywood songs, including "Jee Karda" from the 2008 film Singh Is Kinng and "London Thumakda" from the 2014 film Queen which was one of his most successful songs.

Jaz Dhami musician

Jaswinder Singh Dhami, better known as Jaz Dhami, is a British-Indian playback singer, music composer, music producer, Performer.Folkhop genre, signed in 2008 to Sanchez Productions Ltd.

Bhangra (dance) several types of dance originating from the Punjab region

Bhaṅgṛā is a type of traditional dance of the Indian subcontinent, originating in the Majha area of Punjab. The dance was associated primarily with the spring harvest festival Baisakhi, and it is from one of the major products of the harvest—bhang (hemp)—that bhangra drew its name. In a typical performance, several dancers executed vigorous kicks, leaps, and bends of the body to the accompaniment of short songs called boliyan and, most significantly, to the beat of a dhol. Struck with a heavy beater on one end and with a lighter stick on the other, the dhol imbued the music with a syncopated, swinging rhythmic character that has generally remained the hallmark of any music that has come to bear the bhangra name.

Sarbjit Cheema is an Indian actor and singer who sings in Punjabi language.

PBN or Punjabi By Nature is a UK-based Indian music producer, singer and songwriter specialising in bhangra and Asian fusion productions working with a great number of Desi music artists mainly based in the UK beginning with the early 2000s. He is signed to Limitless Records and Playback Records. He has also formed TeamPBN as a collaborative project with Bambi, Raj Bains and Serena. Throughout his career, he has become well-known not only in his native UK, but in India, the Indian, Continental Europe, the Middle East, United States and Canada, Australia and in general the Asian music market. His productions are used extensively in night venues, DJ events and on BBC Asian Network and its weekly chart.


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