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Meaning"gift of God" (Matthew) or "honouring God" (Timothy)
Region of originNetherlands, ultimately Greek, Hebrew

Tijs is a Dutch male given name. It can be a derivative form of Matthijs, which is the Dutch form of Matthew or Matthias, or a short form of Timothijs or Timotheus, Dutch forms of Timothy. Another spelling of this name is Thijs.

It may refer to:

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James Frederick Lilja is an American gynecologic oncologist and a musician from the Los Angeles area, perhaps best known as the first drummer of the punk rock band The Offspring, and performing with the band between 1984 and 1987.

Bram is a given name for a male. It is derived from the name Abraham, and common in Dutch-speaking regions. It can also be a short form of Abraham, Abram or Bertram.

Johann / German

Pauwels is a Flemish patronymic surname derived from the personal name Pauwel, a vernacular form of Paul. Notable people with the name include:

Michiel is a Dutch masculine given name equivalent to Michael and a Venetian surname.

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Petronilla is a Late Latin feminine given name. The name is a diminutive form of Petronia, itself the feminine form of Petronius, a Roman family name. Saint Petronilla is an early Roman saint, later interpreted as the daughter of Saint Peter. She became the patron saint of the Frankish kings, and her chapel became the burial place for French kings.
The derived form Petronella, later changed to Pieternella, has been popular in the Netherlands since the Middle Ages, perhaps due to Gertrude, Countess of Holland, adopting this name around 1100. In daily life, many people with this given name use a short form, like Petra, Nel, Nelleke, Nelly, Ella, Ellen, and Elly.

Duif is an archaic Dutch male given name and patronymic surname. Variant spellings include Duijf, Duyf and Duive. Female forms are Duifje, Duifke, Duijfie, etc., some of which are still in use.

Vink, Dutch for chaffinch, is a Dutch surname. It usually is a metonymic occupational surname, referring to one who catches chaffinches in a vinkenbaan, for food or entertainment. Variants of the name are De Vink and Vinck. The forms Vinke and Vinken could be of patronymic origin, as Vink/Finke was a masculine given name. People with this name include:

Thijs is a common Dutch given name and surname. It is a short form of Matthijs or Timothijs or Timotheus. The ij is pronounced.

de Zwart is a Dutch surname, meaning "the black (one)", usually having referred to dark hair. Variant forms include De Swart, De Swarte and De Zwarte. People with these names include:

Thys is a Dutch patronymic surname. It is an alternative spelling of Thijs, a very common nickname for Matthijs (Mattheus). The Dutch digraph ij and the y were used interchangeably until the surname spelling fixations around 1810. The form "Thys" is particularly common in the Belgian province of Antwerp, while "Thijs" is most common in Belgian Limburg. Outside the Low Countries the spelling is almost exclusively "Thys." People with this surname include:

Bruin, Bruijn, Bruyn and Bruins are Dutch surnames. They can be equivalent to the English surname Brown or, particularly for the form "Bruins", be patronymic as Bruin/Bruijn is a now rare Dutch form of Bruno. The form "the brown" is more common.

Tij, TIJ, or variations may refer to:

Toine is a Dutch given name and a nickname with both masculine and feminine uses. It is a short form of Antoine and a diminutive form of Antonius, Anton, Antoon, Anthonis, Anthoon, Antonie, and Antonis used in Belgium, Netherlands, Suriname, South Africa, Namibia, and Indonesia. Notable people with this name include the following:

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tijs Velthuis</span> Dutch footballer (born 2002)

Tijs Velthuis is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for Eredivisie club Sparta Rotterdam.