Tijuana Country Club

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Tijuana Country Club
Club information
Coordinates 32°30′40.43″N117°0′6.41″W / 32.5112306°N 117.0017806°W / 32.5112306; -117.0017806
Location Tijuana, Baja California
Total holes18
Designed by William P. Bell
Par 72
Length6,859 yard
Course rating 73.3
Slope rating 129

The Tijuana Country Club (Club Campestre de Tijuana) is a country club located in Tijuana, Mexico. The country club was the site of the historic Agua Caliente Open and Tijuana Open Invitational, former golf tournaments on the PGA Tour. [1] The country club, as well as the accompanying golf course, is located in Boulevard Agua Caliente.



The golf course was originally designed in 1927 by William P. Bell. [2] Famous professional golf players like Gene Sarazen, Paul Runyan, Dutch Harrison, and Ernie Vossler have played at the club. Though the clientele has become increasingly Mexican over the years, it remains popular with golfers across the border in California. [3] [4] 34-year-old Ivan Escobosa was abducted from the club in 2005. [5]

PGA Tour pro Cesar Sanudo was introduced to golf when he started working as a caddie at the club. [6]

Real estate developers have put the property under redevelopment pressure, but some progress to retain urban greenspace has been made with a restoration proposal from Mexican native golf architect Agustin Pizá "Agustin Pizá was commissioned to develop a restoration masterplan for the Tijuana Country Club". First Call. June 7, 2022. Retrieved 2023-03-12.</ref> [7] Erik Anders Lang walked the property and promoted Pizá's Tijuana Country Club restoration project in his Adventures in Golf series on United Airlines. [8]


Tijuana Country Club course
Tee Rating/Slope 123456789Out101112131415161718InTotal
Black73.3 / 129472231422358349192390397504331546041418141743035448557422935546859
Blue71.9 / 125461225420346346169322386503317843139017041242634347656622434386616
White70.2 / 120430177375290280127250318434268138431913032730429342448216528365517
Red72.0 / 127451190410334334145320371464301939938215839735333343955419932146233
SI 133115917751148182616141210

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