Tillandsia 'Cootharaba'

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Tillandsia 'Cootharaba'
Hybrid parentage Tillandsia hybrid
exserta × tricolor
Cultivar 'Cootharaba'

'Cootharaba' is a hybrid cultivar of the genus Tillandsia in the Bromeliad family.

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Tillandsia exserta is a species in the genus Tillandsia. This species is endemic to Mexico.

<i>Tillandsia tricolor</i> Species of epiphyte

Tillandsia tricolor is a species in the genus Tillandsia. This species is native to Central America and Mexico.

<i>Boronia keysii</i> Species of flowering plant

Boronia keysii, commonly known as Keys boronia, is a flowering plant that is endemic to Queensland in Australia. It is a sprawling shrub with thin stems, hairy young shoots, pinnate leaves and pink, four-petalled flowers over a long period.

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