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Tillemans is a patronymic surname of Dutch origin from the personal name Til. [1] Notable people with the surname include:

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Jolie Gabor

Jolie Gabor, Countess de Szigethy was a Hungarian-born American jeweler and socialite, known as the mother of actresses and fellow socialites Magda, Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor.

John Wootton

John Wootton was an English painter of sporting subjects, battle scenes and landscapes, and illustrator.

The birth name is the name of the person given upon their birth. The term may be applied to the surname, the given name or to the entire name. Where births are required to be officially registered, the entire name entered onto a births register or birth certificate may by that fact alone become the person's legal name. The assumption in the Western world is often that the name from birth will persist to adulthood in the normal course of affairs—either throughout life or until marriage. Some possible changes concern middle names, diminutive forms, changes relating to parental status, and changes related to gender transition. Matters are very different in some cultures in which a birth name is for childhood only, rather than for life.

John Michael Rysbrack

Johannes Michel or John Michael Rysbrack, original name Jan Michiel Rijsbrack, was an 18th-century Flemish sculptor, who spent most of his career in England. His birth-year is sometimes (wrongly) given as 1693 or 1684.

Dutch names consist of one or more given names and a surname. The given name is usually gender-specific.

Daniel Name list

Daniel is a masculine given name and a surname of Hebrew origin. It means "God is my judge", and derives from two early biblical figures, primary among them Daniel from the Book of Daniel. It is a common given name for males, and is also used as a surname. It is also the basis for various derived given names and surnames.

Michael John Tilleman was an American professional football player who was a defensive tackle in the National Football League (NFL) for 11 seasons (1966–76). He played college football for the Montana Grizzlies.

Navin is a surname of various origins. In some cases, it is a Hebrew surname, whose Dutch derivative is Nawijn. In other cases, the surname is derived from the Gaelic surnames Mac Cnáimhín and Ó Cnáimhín.

Stowlangtoft Human settlement in England

Stowlangtoft is a village and civil parish in the Mid Suffolk district of Suffolk in eastern England two miles south-east from Ixworth. Located around five miles north-east of Bury St Edmunds, in 2005 its population was 270.

Peter Tillemans

Peter Tillemans was a Flemish painter, best known for his works on sporting and topographical subjects. Alongside John Wootton and James Seymour, he was one of the founders of the English school of sporting painting.

T. J. F. (Tom) Tillemans is a Dutch-Canadian Buddhologist, Indologist and Tibetologist. Since 1992, Tillemans has been Professor of Buddhology in the Faculty of Oriental Languages and Civilizations at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

De Clercq or de Clercq is a surname of Dutch origin. People with the name include:

Tilleman is a patronymic surname of Dutch origin from the personal name Til. Notable people with the surname include:

A toponymic surname or topographic surname is a surname derived from a place name. This can include specific locations, such as the individual's place of origin, residence, or of lands that they held, or can be more generic, derived from topographic features.

Arends is a Dutch and Low German patronymic surname, meaning "son of Arend". It may refer to:

Tielemans is a Dutch patronymic surname. Tieleman is a primarily archaic Dutch given name that could be of West Frisian origin or a nickname of Theodorus. It had many spellings and variations on the patronym include Thieleman, Thielemans, Thielman, Tieleman, Tielman, Tilleman and Tillemans. People with these surnames include:

Snider is an Anglicized occupational surname derived from Dutch Snijder "tailor", related to modern Dutch Snijders and Sneijder. It may also be an Anglicized spelling of the German Schneider or Swiss German Schnyder, which both carry the same meaning. The more common Anglicized spelling of the Dutch Snijder is Snyder.

Karl Michael Tilleman is an attorney and two-time Canadian Olympian. Among his accomplishments, Tilleman holds the Olympic record for the most three-point baskets in a single basketball game, hitting ten of sixteen three-point shots, and scoring 21 points in a row for Canada, in a game against Spain in the 1988 Seoul Olympics (highlight video). His Olympic and other international performances against such hall of fame basketball players as Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, and Charles Barkley led team coach, Jack Donohue, to call him "the best three-point shooter in the world." His Olympic three-point record has never been broken, but has been tied twice, most recently by Carmelo Anthony of the US, in 2012.

A Sinhalese name or Sinhala name may contain two or three parts: a patronymic, one or more given names, and sometimes a surname, which was often absent in the past. Full names can be rather long, and hence are often shortened, by omitting or abbreviating the family name and one of the given names, as in R. M. S. Ariyaratna.

Tillemann is a patronymic surname of German origin from the personal name Til. Notable people with the surname include:


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